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  1. How to sever a soul tie/energetic link with someone

    I see and hear what you are saying. Though surely there is some rite I can perform that will disconnect me from this person's sphere of influence entirely. You seem to be a sentimental person, as am I for the most part. However, I want to no longer have this person be a part of my reality.
  2. I have recently distanced myself from an intimate relationship that I needed to distance myself from. What are the best methods to go about completely cleansing myself of this person's energetic bond with me? I'm aware that the cessation of thoughts towards them is of benefit, though I know of little beyond that. I would really appreciate any and all input concerning how to begin excising this person's energy and influence from my personal sphere. Please and thank you
  3. Is it possible for castrated person to cultivate?

    There are plenty of cultivation practices, on this forum especially, that explicitly state how celibacy/semen retention is necessary in order to reach higher states- it is the basis of alchemy.
  4. I view particular circumstances in my life to be unfavorable and some unknowable. I contemplated suicide in earnest. I saw a method yesterday that illustrated how to change timelines and it seemed a better option that suicide, though is it really? Is the question I'm wondering about the variables like the people known, places visited, employment, etc are effected by sudden shifts in timelines/subconscious structures
  5. Simple question How can Samadhi or higher states be achieved?
  6. What happens to suicides

    Is it a matter of belief? What happens
  7. Hypothetically

    If there was a possibility of an unfortunate event could one do anything meditatively/spiritually to offset it?
  8. Eye twitch?

    My left eye has been twitching an unusual amount the last few days and I'm wondering if it is due to an energetic imbalance. At certain times when I look at people they turn and look around immediately or just notice me in general, at this point I think it's safe to say far more than usual I've been trying to correct my mind and body after an emergency situation a couple months ago This
  9. I think celibacy unhinged me

    I practiced strict celibacy for a time before returning to marijuana use and now I'm in the midst of having a relationship with a woman. The celibacy lead to sexual deviance at times, I fear that it corrupted me energy or worse and I'm unsure Women react to my thoughts more so than men, almost immediately. It's like my thoughts are loud sometimes I notice acute numerical patterns amongst people sometimes and it seems that things I do reveal themselves in conversation with others, especially certain women I feel like people lie to me sometimes, I think I pick up on things and oftentimesim right, it's lead to a lot of paranoid with the woman I'm seeing I've gone through a deep depression for years and at times feel like I've lost my personality and sometimes creativity, though the creativity seems to come back in spurts and I'm not too sure of the cause. I've noticed it happens sometimes when I have an extreme emotional state I'm trying to get back my life and sometimes it feels as though I'm operating on another level that I'm trying to come down from I spent a while in isolation while celibate I want my life back or at least a fulfilling life and even though I've taken steps it's hard to fully believe in at the moment Sometimes it's like people are telling me about themselves through conversation/metaphor and sometimes I have flashbacks paranoid and anxious of feeling like my experience and those within it revolve around me Ravens follow me, vultures occassionaly 4s have been a theme as of recent, 7s occassionally
  10. Art and Realization

    Are there any realized persons making art? Given what I perceive to be the dissolution of what entices many artists to create their works, do people make art beyond the point of realization? With an awakening one is more privy to how their thoughts affect things, so with this hypersensitivity and detachment is one still able to engage in creating such emotive and meaningful pieces authentically? Much of art throughout time stems from the very neuroses that practitioners seek to uproot
  11. How do I sleep through the night

    Martial arts appealed to me in the past, though not so much in the present An acupuncture professional I've been seeing was kind enough to offer his expertise and has filled an order for traditional Chinese herbs to help me treat my ailment. Are there any steps I could take to prevent it from being an indefinite need of herbs? Would a form of qigong or something similar work to balance things in a way where I wouldn't always be dependent upon a supplement? I'm planning on attending a vipassana course relatively soon, though I'm worried about how I will fare given the phenomena I've experienced and healing from This event
  12. How do I sleep through the night

    Thank you for your continued aid How do I go about finding a teacher, as this process sounds quite involved I think I'll need to find one soon
  13. How do I sleep through the night

    Thank you for the response, I really appreciate it I'm working on trying to live for myself, to find my purpose/passion I love her and she's been helping me in big ways since the onset I want friends, I don't think it's healthy for me to be so alone so often.
  14. How do I sleep through the night

    I was thinking of attending a vipassana retreat, though I'm unsure of how I'd fare in my current state, monetary issues aside. I'm pretty sure I've identified most of the primary delusions I suffer from, how do I discern the difference between love and lust? I ask because I've been talking to a woman i care for deeply since before the episode, and then when the episode happened all of these feelings of paranoia and general mistrust arose, ways I didn't think of her prior to. It really hurts me day to day, because I wake up sometimes with thoughts against her and the world and sometimes like this past night things are fine. It stresses me because I know she cares for me deeply and when I have moments of clarity I cry over what I've put her through thus far. I don't know what to do sometimes
  15. How do I sleep through the night

    How do I go about finding which diet is the most suitable for me, I'll try the not eating past 3- starting tomorrow