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  1. Several years ago when I was in a relationship with a woman who claimed to be from puerto rico and I was experienced strange bodily sensations I went to this forum to seek counsel. After messaging him for help forum member named spotless told me that I had "a white mist floating in front of my stomach" and when I asked him to specify he said "Well, I thought you knew what that meant. Gotta go, see ya!" Now, a few years ago I found myself having strange bodily phenomena and a spiritual/energetic crises of some sort when I began a relationship with another woman, although her words and actions caused me to question the validity and authenticity of the relationship. I once again consulted spotless for advice, this time he told me to ask jeff. There has been a number of times I have encountered the name jeff in recent time. From seeking help from an acupuncturist named jeffery, which after the treatment I've found that my circulation is not what it was and I am unable to exercise with any regularity. Blood pools in my hands when I take relatively short walks about town, and I have veins showing in my right forearm constantly. Lost of memes with the name Jeffrey aswell, "my namea jeff". I received a dress shirt with the name geofferey bean on the tag. There is more. Also during the latest crises I asked another member for advice and he told me to try focusing on complex objects such as orange cross-sections, leaf veins and mountains. My entire conversation with the aforementioned member and spotless is missing from my inbox on this website. *On a possibly unrelated tangent. Why did the creator of lone man pai change the slogan of his practices to "blood and honey"? I have seen a pattern of bear imagery over the last few years, even on trips to places. Some of the bear and bee imagery seems self-referential and it doesn't feel good*