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  1. The video we are not supposed to watch .

    I agree. I thought it was strange too. I just assumed they ducked for cover, you know, huddling together.
  2. The video we are not supposed to watch .

    I watched the whole video and at the time I thought it was real. Admittingly I watched it with disgust and and emotions running and wasn't looking for signs of it being fake. I saw the shooter firing up close, blood splatter, bodies moving upon the impact, him running over a victim with his car and more horror. I remember though thinking at the time the victims were not trying to run and nor was there any screaming. You caused me to Google if there are any conspiracy theories out there, and ofc, there are Click the link, but beware, there are some graphic gifs of the footage in it! You have been warned. https://dcdirtylaundry.com/how-we-know-new-zealand-mosque-shooting-video-is-a-cgi-fake/ But.... if it was a hoax, what about the victims? All the funerals? Crying families? And why? What would the objective be to fool everyone? More importantly, who benefits from claiming it a hoax, denying that it ever happened? Unfortunately, I think it was real.
  3. Deleted

    After watching that video and reading most of that linked text, I thought the same. He seems to propose a 'method of no methods' to reach his natural state, basically saying its fruitless to consciously try to reach that state. But it seems like it's easy to say once you've already reached/entered the natural state, with the awareness and view that would entail.
  4. Tin Yat Dao Sect

    Whoa whoa, let's take a breather here gents. Purely out of my selfish interests but I'd hate to see you senior fellas leave. Just like you once did, us junior bums learn a lot from you guys. Wether I agree with everything I read here or not, many posts open up new perspectives either for further research or to be put on layby for a bit of maturing.
  5. Taoist meditation

    /Off topic... There is nothing better than a swedish julbord! Back on topic... \
  6. Yeah I've done the Bill Starr 5x5 program and many others. I liked the squat every day and smolov jr, but for me the best program for strength gain was Wendler's 5/3/1. I never liked the 5 rep range for some reason but I really enjoyed the triples and higher reps for the puuump. But probably like you, after many years of grinding myself down, I've had to change my training around. (As an aside, I wish my older wiser self could've told my younger self chasing strength gains would be counter productive in the long run. But then again, would my younger self have listened..... probably not! ) For me being inactive stiffens my back up straight away. So now I still lift but nowhere near 1rm or even 3's. I usually stay at the 10+ range. I've scrapped a few exercises as well. I mainly stick to Front squat - let's me get deep in the hole, straight lower back with no rounding. Feels good Trap bar deadlift - guarantees no back rounding when fatigued Power clean Snatch grip dl from deficit - awesome Lunges - kb mainly Leg press - minimal lower back strain Leg extensions Bulgarian deadlift for hammies Leg curls Kb swings Hill sprints The main thing I've incorporated though is mobility work. This has been really good for just feeling nimble and without pain. Part of it has been movement stuff which is super trendy on the interwebs right now. Check out Ido Portal, MovNat and Vahva fitness for really good movement training. And good 'ol stretching has a big impact. Tight hammies will definitely cause a sore lower back. Play around with it, see what fits. Stay in the upper rep ranges, concentrate on form and time under tension. And keep moving. Basic hument movement, get down low and crawl. Vahva fitness animal movement is awesome.
  7. There are heaps and it kinda depends what you're into and how much time you're willing to give it. These are some of my favorites that I do and I feel they work. Quads Back squat - bb, kb, db, bw... Front squat Lunges - with kettlebell Hill sprints! Leg press Leg extensions Jump flow Hamstring Deadlift - conventional, sumo, snatch grip (love that one), trap bar (awesome if sore/tender lower back), kettlebell, one legged... Back squat Romanian deadlift Power clean - only if somewhat familiar with o/l Glute-ham-raise Lying leg curls Kettlebell swings Glutes Squats (see a trend..?) Glute bridge Hip thrusts Single legged Bulgarian squats Core Planks - all types Ab wheel L-sit - tucked or straight V-ups Kb side bends Heaps there, but for simplicity pick one or two from each and hit it twice a week. Or one a day.... so many variations.
  8. Some good advice here already, thought I'd just add some pointers. Firstly, are you sure you actually have tight/shortened hip flexors? If not, you can stretch them till the cows come home with little effect. Do the simple Thomas test. You can do it on your own. Best to do it more than once, as results vary, but it'll give you a good indication whether the hip flexors are tight or not. If you do have tight hip flexors, you should stretch and strengthen them. If not, it is still a good idea to strengthen them as well as your glutes and core, as these are more often than not the culprit for a sore lower back. My favorite stretches - Beginner - Kneeling Work up to Pigeon is good And a simple groin stretch That's it. No need to complicate it. Run through all at least once. Hold for min 30sec. If you can, do twice a day. If not, no biggie. Mobility work is a marathon, not a sprint. Strengthening exercises Low lunge - knee off the floor, hold 30 - 60 sec Sliding feet Or with ball Glute bridge Reverse lunges are good That's it. Also, if you have a foam roller, it loosens up the area nicely. When you sit in the car for a long time, tighten and flex your glutes and abs, contract them as hard as you can for 10 sec every now and then. If they're tight, I'd say both.
  9. Thanks for that link. Interesting. I'm going to have to read up on this a bit further. Thanks again
  10. Hmm who might this master be? Anywhere I can read about this further? It seems rather important. Cheers
  11. Do you mind elaborating on this? Reason I ask, I have been doing a simple standing practice for the last two months. No teacher. Hands tingle like mad, feet feels like a thousand needles underneath and warm, lower legs boiling and moving internally and the ldt is hot and I feel strong pressure around the ldt.
  12. Nietzsche Quotes

    Thanks. Found a copy on ebay. 15 bucks, can't go wrong. Interestingly, did a Google search and there are many opinions about what translation is best. But generally it seems Kaufmann is the preferred non-scholastic version.
  13. Nietzsche Quotes

    Any recommendations of a first read of Nietzsche for a novice? Cheers
  14. Liu Huayang

    That reminds me of a funny saying here... Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach.
  15. Two Questions

    How? Very briefly, as a reference point, so I can investigate further, if you don't mind. Cheers