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  1. Indigo children - fact or load of crap?

    I'm starting to think everyone on this forum is an Indigo child.
  2. Indigo children - fact or load of crap?

    Well I certainly hope so - they are , after all, the only hope for humanity. The shining light that will lead us all to walk on water and turn ash into gold!
  3. Indigo children - fact or load of crap?

    Thanks very much for your reply and interesting information. I just wanted to point out that AIDS doesn't even exist. There's a list of about 20 other diseases that constitute an AIDS death and if a person tests positive for the harmless HIV virus then dies from one of those conditions, it's deemed AIDS. Here's the list. Refer to the heading "CDC AIDS-defining conditions".
  4. Indigo children - fact or load of crap?

    Thank you very much for your thoughts.
  5. Indigo children - fact or load of crap?

    Thank you very much for your reply. This has taken a rather more philosophical turn than I was expecting. I’m not sure that discussions such as this are actually that useful to have, but just because I’m an Indigo and have an opinion on everything here goes. I have issues with conflating objective reality and intuitive experience. We know the great power of conscious belief in molding one’s experience - Christianity, just as one example, can be palpably true to a devoted believer even though its central teachings are objectively false. Not to single out Christianity, it’s just the most obvious example of intuitive experience leading one to an objectively false conclusion. Of course there are limitless other intuitive experiences a person could have that would lead them to other conclusions with just as much confidence, but which would be antithetical to Christianity. This is why we must use both logic and intuition; reason and feeling. All truth and virtue is a matter of finding the mean between the extremes. We all know the great problems and limitations of the naturalist method, but the other extreme is to assume that everything we intuitively feel equates with reality. People who do this without subjecting their intuitive beliefs to at least occasional scrutiny from their God-given sense of reason usually end up falling into cuckoo spiritual beliefs. Or they confuse genuine intuition with a mere liking for a particular belief, which they then adopt and defend with religious fervor based on nothing other than it making them feel good. They're all heart and no head, just like the hardened naturalist is all head and no heart. I know we've all met one of these people at spiritual gatherings (minimum!) All this is to say that there is a role for objective evidence in our lives. You feel the indigos are true, I feel that they’re not. The only way, then, to determine the truth of the matter is to ask whether any objective evidence exists to support this belief. To date, none has been forthcoming. Anyone?
  6. Indigo children - fact or load of crap?

    I agree completely, which is why I'm asking the question. At the same time, I do require some evidence behind claims before I accept them. Care to elaborate on your experience with them? Can you see their auras, or how do you know they are real? Thanks
  7. Indigo children - fact or load of crap?

    I don't think they're normal human characteristics, but fairly common in Generation Y and beyond. But again, the tests will vary because the criteria vary, depending on who you ask.
  8. Just been reading about the “indigo children” claim and did a test that shows I have a 90% certainty of being one. I’d love all this to be true as it would give me a lot of answers about my life. However, I’m having a difficult time distinguishing what constitutes an indigo child from what constitutes a spoilt brat. It seems more likely to be a psyop designed to give toxic parents an excuse for their failures, and of course to give Generation Participation-Award an excuse for bad behavior and more reasons to convince themselves of their uniqueness and preciousness. e.g. Indigos apparently have a sense of superiority and entitlement, poor social skills - preferring frequent solitude; high intelligence but often do poorly in school or work, and scattered/varied interests. Anyone spot a problem? I'd be curious to see how much of that was in the original book written in the 70s, too, and how much has been added since chronic device addiction became a problem. Furthermore, no-one can seem to agree on the specifics - some sites claim that all children being born now are indigos (God help us!) while others claim all newborns are “rainbow children” etc. Can anyone who can see auras tell me if there’s any truth in this? Or is it just a case of new age people believing anything they read as long as it sounds nice?
  9. Any techniques for if you've got too much of that energy? Other than using it, obviously... How do you move it to other centres of the body ?
  10. New here -excited

    Welcome friend
  11. Gosh, I feel sorry for the poster. I choose not to buy into his story but yes, loneliness has been a great trial for me. (If any chicks between the ages of 20-32 want to marry me, send me a PM. *) *I'm serious
  12. Attainment of the Tao

    Perhaps not literally "attainment of the Tao" itself; but naturally there is something to be sought through Taoism; and although I'm sure our search will continue beyond this realm, naturally it must be at least partially attainable in this life, otherwise we're wasting our time in a fruitless search.... So I read the question less literally as "what is the highest goal we could possibly attain through Taoism?"
  13. Attainment of the Tao

    I'll be very interested to hear what everyone has to say about this. I personally thought of it as being ready to move to a higher realm, with no need to return to the physical plane. But I am very much a n00b to all this so it's entirely possible I completely missed the point.
  14. I Don't Care If You Hate Me ...

    Wuschel, I'm not 100% sure what he meant, either - but I felt that there was kindness in his words, and that to me gave them value. Thanks, rideforever! And thanks for all the other thank yous in this thread!
  15. Please leave ego aside to read this

    Sorry, I don't want to start a debate - I regret mentioning it now. Please ignore my comment.