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  1. Saving the World & Solar Energy

    Photo of plastic trash at deepest part of Marianas Trench shown online. Sad commentary about our continued disregard for our only planet.
  2. For a small number of students, used by the Master at just the right moment, that nose pinch may have prompted a certain degree of enlightenment to occur. Otherwise, like a snooze is often just a snooze, a nose pinch is just a nose pinch
  3. Saving the World & Solar Energy

    Back a few decades Florida's then Governor initiated a fund ($400,000,000.00 I seem to remember) to reward individuals and businesses with a substantial re-payment of costs of going solar. Up to $4,000.00 for a home an up to $15,000.00 for a business, again, if memory serves. Soon out of office though and replaced by a new Governor the program was gutted of funding and loaded with restrictions that discouraged participation. With all our days of bright, free sunlight we still depend mostly on petroleum products to produce energy as the expense of going solar discourages installation for so many.
  4. Favorite Quotes from Buddha.

    “You yourself must strive. The Buddhas only point the way."
  5. Zen Stories - Daowu Won't Say

    "It is. It isn't. It both is and isn't. It neither is nor isn't." With that in mind did Daowu say far more than a simple refusal to choose?
  6. Church of Jediism ?

    I have seen/heard of much stranger 'religions' and 'spiritual groups'
  7. Zen

    :-)Woof! Woof!
  8. Zen

    The irony is that once enlightened it is recommended to "Enter the marketplace". I take that to mean living a fully involved, rich and compasionate life, one which by definition involves giving oneself fully but wisely to any and all worthy things. Everyday cnversations with others less far along the path included.
  9. and 15th century buzz had it that Columbus actually sailed with 9 ships. 6 went over the edge..
  10. An interesting book on the multitude of differences between the extant copies of the books of the New Testament is 'Misquoting Jesus'. Most are minor but a number are in conflict with each other. The author, an expert biblical scholar/translator, points out probable omissions, spurious additions and changes of varying importance to the meaning and spirit of the texts.
  11. Physicist Richard Feynman for one, in so many words. It is discussed in one of his 4 steps on how to learn and master a subject. www.wimp.com/how-to-master-any-subject/