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Found 3 results

  1. Who really was first?

    Who discovered the theory of gravitational force? 1. Bhaskarachārya (1114 - c. 1185) 2. Sir Isaac Newton 500 years later. Who was the father of Atomic Theory? 1. John Dalton 2. Acharya Kanad over two thousand years earlier Who was the first truly comprehensive economist and political scientist? 1. Chanakya 2. Machiavelli two thousand years later
  2. I'm always baffled when discussions within one of the most peaceful philosophies turn nasty. How can we change that here on the bums? I don't want this thread to devolve into name calling or finger pointing. Rather what can be done to end this strangeness. I understand all sides are passionate and come here from different traditions. Still what can be done to end sniping, trolling and insults here. 1. Burying the hatchet. Don't carry old grievances into new discussions. 2. Be honest and polite before being offensive. ie Please don't ... or could you please discuss that in a new thread. Buddhism is all about skillful means. What's the best way to cut these things off before they escalate?
  3. I wanted to put this into a 'ideas for saving the world' thread we had a while ago, but Off Topic isn't letting me page down. Here's a new breakthrough idea in Solar Energy production. It'll be interesting to see if it pans out for the future.