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  1. Asking for feedback

    One further note. When you print full images (i.e. with no white borders) it seems they quickly wear out just by shuffling. I should probably have added a border around the images...
  2. Asking for feedback

    And here are five of the 8 trigrams cards printed on PrinterStudio. A little bit darker than I wanted buf, in the end, good enough. Images ready to be printed (on Printerstudio, gamecrafter, etc) are here: They are under the CC-BY-SA which allows you to do almost anything you want with them.
  3. Asking for feedback

    Just got the "Fu Talisman" cards from Game Crafter: I love them Just a note on quality. The print is clear and the cards look great. The stock card itself, however, is a little bit thin. Cards I've printed on MPC are thicker (and hopefully more resistant) but also more expensive. On game crafter I paid around 18€ all included, the cards I'm waiting from PrinterStudio will be more than 25€ (the same number of cards). Let's see if the quality will justify this 7€ difference.
  4. Asking for feedback

    I love cards as well. When you'll make some, please share them with us! For me, the most difficult part is to wait for the printed cards to arrive It rarely takes less than four weeks.
  5. Asking for feedback

    @silent thunder Beautiful! And really mesmerizing! I can totally understand getting lost in your own thoughts while looking at those. If you ever feel inclined to print them on cards for casting I Ching hexagrams let me know, I've many more methods that I devised and never published anywhere and I will be very happy to help. I strongly believe that creating a personal method for casting hexagrams, establishes a much stronger connection with the I Ching.
  6. Asking for feedback

    Happy you liked them In the meantime, I managed to make the instructional card for the 7 cards with the FU talisman. You can find the hires images here: Since you mentioned you plan to use Game Crafter, I named the files so that it will be easier to set up the deck on that platform (but you can use any other you like). I'm curious about your paintings, did you publish them somewhere? (DA, Instagram, Pixiv, ...). I'd love to see them!
  7. Asking for feedback

    Thanks, Silent Thunder. The last cards I posted on DA are the result of me "steering" an AI toward the images I had in mind, I liked the result even if I wasn't capable of directly drawing them myself. The others I made myself but they were much much easier :). You can find those eight cards (actually a revised version of those cards) ready to be printed here: In the zip file there is also an "instructional card" showing how to use them. I've ordered a printed version on PrinterStudio just yesterday. It will take a month or so to arrive at my door, I'll post a photo when I'll get them so we can have a better idea of the printing quality. I'll make the equivalent zip files for the other sets. I need some time since the Fu ones need the instructional cards, the set of 3 and 5 cards also need a proper design for their backside. I'll see if can find some time this weekend to work on them and will let you know how to download them. Thanks for your interest!
  8. Asking for feedback

    Hi Silent thunder, thanks for your comment! I'm not planning to sell them but I'll make the hires files available for those who want to print them for themselves. If can be helpful, I could set them for sale on a Print-on-Demand service (like MPC or GameCrafter) with 0% markup (i.e sold at the pure production costs) but I would need to check the quality first, I would hate to have them printed badly. I should soon receive a deck of cards printed by Game Crafter, I'll post a picture of them when I'll get them. I do have other cards already designed (I finally came up with a satisfactory solution for using three, four, or five cards) which I only posted on DeviantArt to avoid being too annoying on this forum Just let me know which ones you are interested in and I'll set up the zip file with those cards in, I'll be very happy to hear your comments.
  9. Asking for feedback

    I'm back to ask for your feedback and criticism. This time I used two Fulu talismans that should (according to the creator) help to get the wisdom to sort out confusing situations (symbolized by the trigrams non being in their "natural" position) when one can only see things as black or white. Please do not hesitate to come back to me with your comments.
  10. Thanks for researching it, Harmen, I would have never been able to find it. So, the trigrams were just there as ornaments, with no direct reference to the text. Very interesting indeed. Remo
  11. Following a link on Clarity, I found a book titled "Fang Family Ink Illustrations" (dated 1588) in which there is this picture (page 121): with the Houtian Bagua. In my (very limited) experience I had never seen a Bagua intertwined with text arranged this way. Do you know if there is any significance in this arrangement? Or is it just a one-off fancy from the author?
  12. Zhouyi vs. Yijing

    I can't say I'm an expert but my understanding is always been that "Zhouyi" refers to the original text associated with a hexagram and every single line; no additional commentary, no interpretation. "Yijing" is the general term to refer to that text plus commentaries and interpretations.
  13. Asking for feedback

    Incidentally, this is also what inspired me in creating the index at the center of the cards. The four circles work according to the same principle.
  14. Asking for feedback

    Since I'm at it, and just to show a completely different approach, the picture below shows a set of eight cards that can produce lines with yarrow stalk distribution. I focused on designing "abstract" cards as I don't like the commonly found 64 cards "I Ching decks" that try to replicate the tarots feeling, I feel they are too limiting in trying to squeeze an entire hexagram into a single picture. (the back is identical for all cards: ) I use this more for their trigram part than to actually cast a hexagram. I still prefer to use a set of identical cards, it feels more "natural" to me. Didn't want to sway the discussion, I still am more interested in having feedback on the card I showed in the first post.
  15. Asking for feedback

    Thanks for your feedback, Taomeow! Let me pick a couple of things from your post. If I understand correctly, you too think that the asymmetry in the moving/non-moving line is significant. I always felt the same and this motivated me in avoiding methods that would generate lines with a different distribution. The card is designed to give lines with the same distribution as the yarrow stalks. I choose to focus on cards exactly for the affinity paper as with wood; I felt that cards still retain that "being part of the natural world" that the yarrow stalks, as plants, have. That is also what made me discard computer-generated casting methods (even if I wrote one); I felt no connection at all with the casting process. However, I can't deny that I might be biased by the long western tradition of using cards for divination. Finally, you mention that you use a six coins method. Is the one with five equal coins and one different coin to represent moving lines? Or is it something different?