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Found 1 result

  1. Asking for feedback

    Hello, I'm looking for feedback on a card I designed for casting I Ching hexagram. You can use one or, better, two or, even better, seven of them (if you want to take advantage of their "tracking" capability) to cast an heaxgram line by line. It is equivalent (from a probabilities point of view) to using the yarrow stalks method. I also added an "index" to retrieve the hexagram number from the line (the four circles) which is not really intuitive but, once clarified, shouldn't be too much difficult to use. (of course, one can use any other index to go from the hexagram lines to its number). I did not get much comments on my (scarcely visited) web site, so I'm posting around trying to find someone interested enough to provide some feedback (wether positive or negative!). I'm using seven of them and found it very useful not to have to pick pen and paper between each line to mark the casted line. Any question or comment is really welcome! The image below shows the front and the back of the card: