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  1. Hi Johnny,

    Did you have a link of Master Tian's daughter demonstrating Fragrant Qigong? I watched it the other day but now cannot locate it. If you have the link could you please send it?

    Master John replied to my request and I then ordered his dvd for Fragrant Qigong. I want to see how I do with that before I arrange a Skype session with him. If I read his website correctly the other day, his Skype session was $28 AU which is even less than US $. So that would be great. Either way, I think his rates are affordable. I just want a little more experience doing the simple method and then what stories he shares and tips via Skype will have more meaning.

    I appreciate you telling me about him. When I first stumbled upon his online videos a few years ago I had no idea who he was and how much training he had in China when he was young. Looks like you found a good master. If you are originally from Australia, have you heard of Master John Douglas? He has those series of CDs that are supposed to do great things for you. Eric has tested them for many people over the years and they always tested good but when Eric was given the whole series of CDs as a gift, he said he did not experience much from them. Very ironic. I have most in the series and have never felt anything. But my friend had great experiences using the CD that is for the chakras.


    1. Earl Grey

      Earl Grey

      Hi Steve,


      I believe it's posted in one of the threads here on Fragrant Qigong, which are these links: 





      I'm actually from the United States originally, but serendipitously met Master John and trained with him during one of his travels to Bali and was supposed to do the same in China recently. 


      Unfortunately, I don't know much about Master John Douglas, so I can't comment on that. 


      Enjoy Xiang Gong! I have dreams about practicing it at times even though I haven't done it for a long while and wake up feeling healed. Very powerful for physical and psychic healing.