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  1. Hello, I saw the sign of 666 in the lottery: it is strange

    I wanted to resume this topic because Obama's toast now seeing Trump has risen to the top of the race. Now is the Iowa Caucus, so Obama's final hours of rule have come. He'll not be able to resist the pressure and the moment has come to reveal I'm the Messiah. The beauty of the Taoist faith is that in the West it acts in an odd way and in an off-beat fashion, so that freedom of speech can be achieved. Indeed, freedom of speech is something which is denied to the traditional Westerns who are stuck in their old culture and who can't speak freely. But Taoists have a freedom of action and speech which Westerners don't have. Taoism is thus an agent of great change and of transformation by the inside of the West. I want to say that the Mark of the Beast of Antichrist Obama is his money because the meaning of the 666 Mark is money, for the reason that 666 showed up in the lottery in Obama's hometown's lottery the day after his election. So the Mark of 666 that we must refuse in our hands and foreheads is Obama's money. By jailing him for the birth certificate we'll annul all his work of seven years. (By the way, on that same topic Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County says Obama's BC is 100% forged and fake and Joe jsut endorsed Trump a few days ago. So the birth issue is on the front burner more than ever and an arrest of Obama for forgery - and followed a trial before a court of LAW is in the tubes now.) Can you people please refer to this other article talking about the same topic as this please, and get back to us about feedback from there: thanks. The OP of that article says without doubting that Obama's the Antichrist and he's trustworthy. Those who try to distract from that truth, here in this thread, are the false christs announced in the Bible. http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread898409/pg1 Title: A Question Concerning Obama Being The Anti-Christ
  2. Donald Trump the birther's doing a rally in Washington this Wednesday. He's got Sarah Palin joining him. Heading to a million people maybe. Obama'll be jailed fast I guess. That's good news. Very good news. All the Obama supporters will be tracked down worldwide and not permitted to support a criminal like him anymore. The news is good. Spread it if you want to gain heaven fast now.
  3. I've added this thread as vehicule to get the truth out about the Antichrist Obama. Obama shills are parasiting it. Obama's toast now that Trump's dominating the White House race.
  4. You're an infiltrated Obama shill. Trump's doing a rally in Washington this Wednesday. All you liberal fascist shills will be caught.
  5. Obama's the first president ever (on top of being black) to have no birth certificate. Donald Trump says Obama's birth certificate is phony. He's doing a rally in DC on Wednesday. That's a very important date. The Tea Party's ralling on Tuesday at the same spot in front of the Capiltol on the West Lawn. The attendance is predicted to be in the hundreds of thousands and the Obots will be caught up and put on trial for supporting the greatest criminal in the history of the world: Obama. The Day of Last Judgement has arrived for sinners.
  6. You don't anything about Tibetan Tantric Buddhism. It's the highest form of culture in the world. I've done 45 years of study and practise of Tibetan Buddhism. You're totally ignorant of it. I'm not talking to an ignorant.
  7. It's not because Obama's out in a year now that his crimes have to be forgotten.
  8. Gary Chicoine claims to be Rudra Chakrin. Rudra Chakrin is the world Saviour, the Messiah of Christians. The King of Shambhala emerges from hiding to defeat the end of times Demon King Krinmati and then rules the world by his faith of Kalachakra. That is the Kalachakra Apocalypse prophecy. I doubt Chicoine is Rudra Chakrin. He'd have to study the Kalachakra closely. I have. I claim Obama fills all the traits of both Krinmati and the Christian Antichrist and that the Buddhist and Christian Apocalypses both coincide. Indeed, the Kalachakra description of the Krinmati demon says he'll be partly Christian so the Apocalypse of both faiths must overlap seeing he's part of both of them. If a robber crosses a state border, then truely a cross-border investigation must be launched. Likewise, with Obama, seeing his faiths have no clear-cut borders, he's the Apocalypse's Devil for several faiths. For people who claim that it's lacking in respect to the president to call him the Antichrist, I'd like to remind people of Theodore Roosevelt's words who said that one commits Treason if one doesn't criticise the US President: "Any citizen who doesn't carry out his duty to criticise the POTUS is a traitor because otherwise we'll go into Tyranny."
  9. Hello, I saw the sign of 666 in the lottery: it is strange

    I don't deal in the madness of political correctness. If people want me to do so, I can post the videos and articles I have about Obama being homosexual, about 666 being drawn in the lottery the day after his election in his hometown, about information about how Obama fits with the Buddhist Apocalypse prophecy of Kalachakra as well as various other topics such as those who claim it's 616 that counts and not 666 (616 is a side-topic to 666 and just has one small paragraph in WIkipedia's "666" page.), about Obama being an illegal undocumented alien (the birth issue) etc... and more.... I've just got ten posts per day now because I'm a newbie but will have more after some hours from now so we can talk more then.
  10. Hello, I saw the sign of 666 in the lottery: it is strange

    Kalachakra is the Buddhist Apocalypse. I know you want to change the topic away from Obama but he happens to be the Antichrist and the demonic person of the Buddhist prophecy alike. I'm Tibetan Tantric Buddhist (a Buddhist religious of 45 years!) which is the same as Taoism so there's no need to say I'm not Cosher enough for Taoism. Don't demonize me. I've gotten a lot of that from Christians. They hate Buddhists. It's in their DNA to be intolerant and bigotted against other faiths. They're trained to hate.
  11. Hello, I saw the sign of 666 in the lottery: it is strange

    My facts about the diseases the homosexual community must face, come from the government CDC website for disease-control. It's heart-wrenching. But what's sick is the insistance by the government to further the gay agenda when they should be helping the gays with their sicknesses. Furthering the gay agenda and then publishing good information at CDC is schizophrenic. It's like a firefighter lighting fires. Obama's figure as the Antichrist does square with being homosexual. It's a pity that people want this kind of information to be shut down. People want this to be shut up. Too bad. I've given the facts. People have to accept the facts or refuse them like superstitious people in cults who shut out the world.
  12. Hello, I saw the sign of 666 in the lottery: it is strange

    Now, I'd like people to relax and talk about the facts calmly and quietly. Why all this avoiding the issue and running from the topic? Just relax people. Trump'll get Obama jailed; that's a foregone conclusion by now, you do know that, don't you now? What am I talking about in fact? I'm talking about the birth certificate and college records which represent in my mind (the Apocalypse) the revelation of the Antichrist and therefore the Apocalypse. I'm talking about how the lottery drew 666 in Chicago the day after Obama's election. The date of being the day AFTER the election is crucial because that's the moment when everybody realized Obama had won. It was the moment everybody watched his celebration on headline news. Millions were watching when the lottery drew 666. Obama had celebated all day and he was the only news that evening, during the whole broadcast. everybody from the North-East play the Chicago lottery which is the biggest of the five Great Lakes States with over 50 million potential players. They watch and saw the draw live of 666 on TV throughout those states. Then it was broadcast by radio and the media throughout those states. Now about the statistical probability of the draw of 666 occurring at that place and that time that day is incredibly small. Think that it just occurs three times a year in Chicago. What chance is there that it shows up right the day when Obama's victory is celebrated? It's HAIR-RAISING. There's just as much chance as lightning hitting you. It's like lightning hitting out of a blue sky.
  13. Hello, I saw the sign of 666 in the lottery: it is strange

    Good, I didn't expect you to give a real answer and to run. I thought we could talk about facts. I've done five years of university and I'm used to speaking about facts not political fanaticism and prejudiced craziness. The reporters who have done in-depth reports about Obama being a homosexual are all Chicagoans: investigative reporter Wayne Madsen, Jerome Corsi, and Kevin Dujan, a gay reporter of the homosexual scene in Chicago. Now for others reading this thread, it should be known the Antichrist is called the Abomination meaning homosexual. This is important to know because from a Buddhist point of view it must be known what the Christian Antichrist is. Indeed, because I have the link to Buddhism proving that the same Christian Antichrist is in fact our Buddhist Apocalypse prophecy's demonic being which must be defeated by us. Knowing everything about him is vitally important. He's a homosexual, so it's important to know everything about Obama's Gay Agenda. Obama's killing millions by his gay agenda. Homosexuals live shorter lives than us straights. They die 20 to 30 years earlier due to multiple infections such as Syphilis (75% of Syphilis is due to homosexuals) and AIDS/HIV (85% of AIDS is due to homsoexuals with old black gays most at risk of passing it on). Black old gays like Obama are most at risk of passing on AIDS Syphilis and death to their partners in sex. These facts come from the US government's CDC - disease-control - website. I'm a university person and go by facts not rumor. I don't speak in vain.
  14. Hello, I saw the sign of 666 in the lottery: it is strange

    I don't have any hate at all. I'm not responding to the smears. I like Obama and respect his exceptional genius and intelligence for doing evil because it's the intelligence of evil, made up of incredible cunning and inventiveness. I feel he's a shame for the black race because they expected things to improve for them but Obama brought them the Antichrist as a black. Obama let them down. I always felt Jesse Jackson's tears at the Obama-Inauguration were tears of sadness at a thug being given the US presidency and that thug being a black. Remember the bad blood between Jesse Jackson and Obama in that video of Jesse saying "I'll cut off Obama's balls". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-24ONaYCIzY
  15. Hello, I saw the sign of 666 in the lottery: it is strange

    If you're from Chicago, what can you tell us about the reports about Obama being a homosexual? I take it you know the reports. Give your quotes from articles and serious research please, when you tell us what you know about it, not just hear-say. I hear a lot of political correctness here, which is hogwash. We're talking about facts not superstition. Donald Trump's a common-sense person who builds houses. He doesn't mess around with comedy. Trump's goal is to get Obama jailed for High Treason. Trump said that Obama published his biography for sixteen years and during that time he redacted his biography three different times and all those times he wrote he was born in Kenya. Listen carefully to what Trump says because he's good old common sense and not intellectual fuzziness. He's not a liberal fanatic. Here's the biography picture and Obama published this for sixteen years!!!!!!!!!!