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  1. Texts for preliminary neidan study

    Taoist Yoga by Bruce Frantzis Its good.
  2. I also liked these videos. Found another one on youtube:
  3. What are your goals?

    I see. Thank you.
  4. Thanks. I'll try to find more info about Chen Tuan.
  5. Good video. Some movements similar to Baguazhang..
  6. What are your goals?

    its very interesting. Is there a difference between Taoist meditation and Buddhist meditation?
  7. Chair. Lotus position is too hard.
  8. Tai Chi 4 Martial Art

    very interesting.
  9. Yes, it's very impressive! Personally I never stand more than 30 min.
  10. Why Yang? Can we consider this differentiation as a decay? I think it's a Yin process.
  11. Greetings

    Hi everyone! I'm from Canada, and Iā€™m interested in the Qigong practice, Chinese medicine, and Chinese cuisine. I have been practicing Qigong for several months, and I'm feeling positive impact on my health. Trying to practice every day. Not always have a chance to retire, relax and practice for 2-3 hours. Often I'm doing something while walking, or late at night (but in this case I fall asleep very quickly). It helps a lot, especially in cases when there is strong fatigue and need to recover quickly. I am going to continue the practice. I'm worried about one question. Do I need to learn Qigong from a Chinese master? Or maybe it is possible to learn from a non-Chinese teacher, or even from books and videos? Thanks.