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Found 5 results

  1. Modern London A City Of Death!

    OMG! This is how bad our country has become and with police cuts about to happen it's seem likely it will get even worse. Of course the numbers are probably even higher and with the extreme drugs culture of the UK things look bleak! SEE FULL DETAILS HERE:
  2. Taijiquan / Xingyi quan / Qigong / Dao Yin / Inner Alchemy in London -
  3. Learning of Hebei Xingyi quan in London. Enrolment in a group to study Hebei Xingyi quan. Hard training, only for men!* All trainings are held outdoors in any weather. The study program of Xingyi quan is following: 1. Santi shi (inner work including: 5 small bows, 5 middle bows, 1 large bow, 5 inner intentions, etc.) 2. Basic methods (Ji ben gong) 3. Five Fists (Wu xing quan - 五行拳) 4. Five phase linking form (Wu xing lian huan quan - 五行连环拳) 5. Eight Forms Boxing (Ba Shi Quan - 八势拳) 6. Twelve Animals (Shi Er Xing Quan - 十二形) 7. etc. To find out the details, send a private message. *95% of women cannot train on this hard lessons. There are usual lessons, which everyone can attend. P.S. The advert does not exclude women specifically, as it does not state that women cannot attend. All women willing to train hard during these classes are welcome.
  4. London Learning of Hebei Xingyi quan Enrolment in a group to study Hebei Xingyi quan Xingyi Quan (形意拳) is a form of Chinese martial arts. The name is translated as “the fist form and intention (thought).” The “form” implies external movements used in a battle, and Yi (intention, thought) – a mind derived from a heart. Xingyi is an internal style, imitating forms and internal qualities of twelve animals in combat. All martial arts can be roughly divided into external and internal styles. External styles are focused only on work with the physical body, internal styles – on accumulation of Qi in the body and work with a force Jin. _________________ Continue reading
  5. London Learning traditional Yang Style Taijiquan Enrolment in a group to study Taijiquan The study program of Taijiquan in School Zhen Dao Pai is following: - study of the basic principles of Taijiquan (warming-up with the main principles, inner work, correct breathing, qigong/neigong, etc.) - basic movements of Taiji - 108 Movements Hand Form - training of internal power in Taijiquan - fast form of training for fa jin (power issuing) - Small Frame (小架) - work in pairs: tuishou ("pushing hands") and Sanshou ("sparring") - work with a weapon: a form with a sword, a form with two swords First training is free! If you have any questions about classes, you can either write them here or send a private message. More information about me