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  1. Haiku Chain

    Heart soaring with clouds, The bright light illuminates, Shredding the darkness.
  2. Awareness is a quantum field generated, yet not limited to the brain/body, but built upon and generated by the physical molecules to create a quantum field that is not limited to the laws of standard physics, but governed by the quantum realm. The quantum realm offers insight into the higher dimensions and many of the practices we practice also do this, in a less than scientific way. One fundamental principal of Quantum Mechanics is that of Quantum superposition, This principle of quantum mechanics suggests that particles can exist in multiple locations at once. Awareness can also be in superposition, which it happens to each of us throughout the day when we experience emotions or pain or use any of our senses at the same time. Our awareness which nominally resides in our sight when we are just reading a boring part of a book or watching the news or even reading messages on the boards, splits apart from itself to encompass the other aspects of being that need attention. When we are hearing a song, we can still watch the movie and feel the warmth of the fireplace all at the same time, because awareness is splitting off to encompass each of these senses at the same time. Energy practices are much the same way, we can consciously split off awareness (Through quantum tunneling) to certain other parts of the body, like hands for example, and use the entanglements to feel the energy at that location. The more we practice splitting awareness around our body the more proficient we become, and eventually our awareness will encompass our entire body and through entanglements our entire bodies can be filled with the energies we have mastered. (Beginning with just the remembrance of the feeling of that energy and recalling that energy to the location of awareness) Each of our energy centers are entangled to each of our cells, which is why energy can be felt instantly in the location of awareness without having to travel through any physical medium. To feel heart energy in your hands, the energy doesn't have to travel through all the circuits in between the the center and the hands to arrive at the hands, it is just instantly teleported to that location. This works because our cells entangle through replication when we are conceived. The same cells make more cells and they retain the same energy signature (frequency) as the one that was copied (cell division), building more and more cells all intricately linked through entanglement. Every cell in our body is just as capable as every other cell.
  3. Haiku Chain

    Those who always hear, do not listen with their ears, nor see with their eyes.
  4. Long men pai nei gong and mo pai

    I think the majority of mortals use it to obtain an immortal spirit or gain power.
  5. Long men pai nei gong and mo pai

    Well, it seems like cats have little souls, because I had an encounter with this warlock and witch that had a bag of cats that they would kill and then tether the cat souls to this plane and use their energy to cast spells or perform rituals. So if dragons can merge with souls, maybe your cats soul merged with another being? Soul could also just mean a particularly well defined conglomeration of chi, if you prefer.
  6. Long men pai nei gong and mo pai

    I've encountered 3 dragons. A golden dragon, a shadow dragon, and one I can't quit define. It was a blue/green spirit dragon. The blue green/spirit dragon tried to attune with me. I remember when it was combining with me, I was flexing my energy (channeling it) and it would tell me too powerful or too weak, to find the proper frequency. I saw my feet become dragons feet right before i was rudely interrupted... The golden dragon was just an observer, and the shadow dragon I fed. I fed it too many baby wraiths and it got to a state of "Power Overwhelming" and went into a frenzied maniacal bloodlust. The only way to calm it was instilling heart energy into it. Then it could continue to grow yet not go into a rage. Then I shrunk it to maintain it's power and strength but reduce it's size because it was drawing far too much attention. (It got bigger than the football field)
  7. Haiku Chain

    All belong to one, A drop in an endless sea, The stars compose me.
  8. Haiku Chain

    Divide and conquer, thoughts from a divided mind, There is no other.
  9. Haiku Chain

    Feels its way by tongue, A blind man piercing the veil, Incongruity.
  10. Bliss in hands and feet

    I think the question was in regards to practice techniques and current levels. Pre-heaven is sitting in meditation, calming thoughts, controlling breathing, relaxing. Post-heaven is when sensations and energies begin to manifest to work with.
  11. Bliss in hands and feet

    Good explanation
  12. Bliss in hands and feet

    Of course! Here is a good explanation to what you are asking : You go from preparing the foundation for work, to actually working.
  13. Bliss in hands and feet

    Well, if it isn't against your principles or precepts, of course, I mean that you move it around and cultivate it (intensify it). When you discover a center, a persons awareness is at the location of that center to experience it. By remembering that feeling one can move awareness to a new location of the body and feel that feeling at the new location by remembering and recalling the feeling they felt at the original location. Inner-fire for example, starts as a tiny flicker of light in the middle dan tien, but by practicing it, the tiny flicker can become a fireball that encompasses the entire body. Tummo for example.
  14. Bliss in hands and feet

    The next "step" is really up to you. There are many options, from exploring all the centers and discovering all the energies or practicing with the ones you currently have awareness of or even just continuing to meditate and see what comes of it on its own. Personally, I would work with the heart center and become adept with that energy then if inner-fire manifests while doing that, begin practicing that energy.
  15. To truly love and love truly, one first begins by loving themselves. Not because of some reason, but just because you can. We often try to attach ideas and thought to what love is, but love is beyond those things. Love is a feeling, and to feel love you just feel it. So just put all the ideas and thoughts about what love is, what love means, what love entails, etc... and just try feeling it without all those attachments to it.