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  1. Dark Chocolate

    I've tried many chocolates but never that one. I've seen it in grocery stores though. I tried this one and enjoyed it very much: http://www.salazonchoc.com/products/organic-dark-chocolate-with-sea-salt-a-touch-of-organic-caramel Not sure this is what skydog intended...we're probably all drooling. I know I am.
  2. Dark Chocolate

    I saw the word chocolate and dove right in... I tried to tell myself I should probably cut back. I can't go into my local food co-op without buying some good chocolate. But...it's done me no harm, really... I say, enjoy.
  3. About Me

  4. About Me

    I appreciate words very much as I read through yours. Thank you.
  5. duck season, rabbit season, allergy season

    My allergies act up quite a bit during Spring as well. Kinda weird, but I find that hiking/walking in deep woods noticeably clears out my sinuses. - like a reset or something. Helps with my allergies, at least. You could try including local honey as a replacement for sweetener, if and when you do sweeten. Nettle (I'd take it as a tincture) and omega-3s... I should neti soon..
  6. One "issue" I have with this site.

    Why so serious?
  7. TBH, this site is quite useless in taoist forms.

    I get what you're saying. What brings you back to the forums then?
  8. It's Only The Beginning