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  1. UFO Thread - Sightings/Information

    With the UFO's I saw I never for once thought they were a spaceship even though they would form a triangle and move in unison to give the illusion like it is one gigantic triangle spaceship. I felt the balls of light were just some condensed form of high consciousness peering into our denser dimension.
  2. UFO Thread - Sightings/Information

    I have seen this phenomena on three occasions within a 15 month range, all in the middle of the night on top of Sunrise Peak overlooking Fountain Hills, AZ in the McDowell Mountain range near Scottsdale. I would see one glowing orb, then another would appear, then a third. They would seem to dance with one another for a while, glowing brighter, stopping, moving directions very quickly, and changing colors. And then all of a sudden one orb would transform into the flickering lights of a plane and fly in a straight line, and then another would transform and follow,and then the third... They continued like planes for sometime and just faded out and disappeared. I have always kept this to myself and never heard of anyone else seeing this until I came across your post. It's no news to me that there are beings of higher consciousness that are overseeing what is happening here. Be grateful for the times we are living, many transformations are occurring.
  3. Pet crab

    Thanks for the laugh
  4. Elongated skulls of Paracas Peru

    I've been to the doorway of the amaru meru near lake titcaca, in Peru. The locals who reside next to it won't go near it, they call it the Devils doorway, but of course anything that has devil behind it in Latin america is probably very interesting and divine even.
  5. at least he had the mouth taped shut.
  6. Native American Encyclopedia

    ah the famous sapodilla tree! I had many of its fruits out in the Yucatan. This is a great resource, thanks for sharing.
  7. What are you listening to?

    I've been in a Gorillaz vibe as of late!
  8. are you speaking of garlic/onions and the like? i recognize this in myself- especially when garlic and onions are eaten raw. a lot of heat is created- i stink of musk, my mind is agitated, and my hormones are keen to hijack my mind's direction. When I cook for myself I don't use them, but it's quite difficult in this society to stay away from them altogether if you mingle with others. Out of all my travels I've noticed the vegetables that are most used by all culture are- garlic and onions!! I suppose we have to be like the peacock and just transmute those "poisons" (this is very debatable, yes) into something useful for our path.
  9. Sup'

    wouldn't it be 'sup not sup'??
  10. Merry Solstice!

    I'm curious to hear if any of the taobums will be spending this day in a special way. Given that I'm in the northern hemisphere it will be the shortest day of the year which I tend to go into introspection to unroot habits that aren't serving me any more. For me, this is the new year. What is your relationship to the solstice?
  11. The Bashar (channel) Thread

    Bashar rocks! I love listening to his shifting into parallel realities- it can be pretty mind-bending but it rings true and feels empowering.
  12. I have a feeling those diverse emotions you felt during your period of detoxing was you tuning in to how mother earth is feeling during these times. As the old adage goes ignorance is bliss- though I'd change it to ignorance is numbness. I find it quite exciting to feel the diverse spectrum of emotions- I am pretty much immune to paranoia or fear these days, for any emotion will soon pass anyways. Enjoy the ride! Also, no need to fear the rise of GMO's. Fearing it is just swinging that pendulum on the other side of the polarity. Your attention is feeding it energy. Just don't buy the crap. You vote with your dollar. There is a comprehensive list of all the brands that use GMO's- boycott them all. To hell with them, support your local co-op. Buy in bulk, eat simply, live well.
  13. Enlightened movies

    La Belle Verte!!! I know I posted it on the youtube thread, but it is such a wonderful film.
  14. What are you watching on Youtube?

    "La Belle Verte" or "The Green Beautiful" in English. It is a fantastic film that was consequently banned in the E.U. I found no reason why it should be banned other than it is a threat to the establishment. Take time to watch it, you will thank me later!