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  1. Are there any other leftists here? 👀

    I was serious enough and I can reformulate in a way less provocative : center is not neutral, Left and Right are exclusive : you can't turn both. If someone accept something as influential as a political system rather than try to change it, one contributes to its inertia, its a tacit renewal so yes you're rather pro this system. Capitalism is destructive, short sighted, selfish but it has also some rather "good" parts. I understand why the majority is ok with it.
  2. Are there any other leftists here? 👀

    We live in a globalized capitalist world, if you're not against it you're ok with it.
  3. The cat is out of the bag

    Nice to see you back here !
  4. Contradiction ?

  5. Contradiction ?

    Yes... Going practicing
  6. Favorite Daoist Quote

    ultimate abstraction
  7. Contradiction ?

    Parts inter-connected acting naturally symbiotically that can be résumé in one (word -world -universe)
  8. Contradiction ?

    How to keep it ? Staying in meditation I suppose...
  9. Contradiction ?

    Both of course ! When practicing tai chi : Movement between heaven and earth, A chain linking the foot to the head, from the hip to the fist. Full or empty, full and empty. Being a piece or the whole, Being an eye without I. When I think, I observe links : causality, proximity, separation, opposition, are all links and all refer to the same universe. Since I was a teen, one persistent impression is that every thing is way too much tie to others for the concept of liberty has a chance to be real. If Nothing is permanent Nothing happens without a reason.
  10. Contradiction ?

    Both of course, but some never connect to the wholeness.
  11. Contradiction ?

    Self-knowledge, balance and priorities. Self-knowledge because you can't put you, your history aside of what you are, what you do. Since you have one and choices rely on you. Balance between internal and external, emotion and stillness, reflection and action. Priorities, as you are not god, it defines what you will do... All that is not easy... and personally life do its best do shove me !
  12. Contradiction ?

    Not sure I understand what you mean...
  13. Contradiction ?

    Plenty of good words Lima. Basically I find there is something selfish and eventually cowardice in the manner daoism can be interpreted. Something that leads to deny responsibility. Not get informed. Never to take a side (the middle path)... But that's ok, I'll end up used to all that (I suppose my angles are still too sharp) and your advices are valuable. I think that I have already posted a topic alike. These questions shaking my comprehension/positioning seem to be come back periodic. I suppose I'm going to stop with that now since it has be done twice. A step back for a bigger picture. That's sometimes what I forget. Thanks to everyone.
  14. Contradiction ?

    I'm fine but thanks
  15. Contradiction ?

    I can feel you kindness, for that I thank you