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  1. Teaching authentic neigong

    Ahah, I don't own a smartphone.
  2. It is known

    ahah it sounds like a drunk saying to me but after Nungali's post he might be a natural xD This man's existence came to my knowledge the day he died !
  3. It is known

    Does the story tell if he was drunk at the royal diner ?
  4. What are you listening to?

    just discovered, that new JID tune
  5. What are you listening to?

    It stayed young and diverse 2021 is what happened
  6. The Cool Picture Thread

    Looks hotter than cool but my daughter commented "Still, it's beautiful"
  7. What makes a good day for you?

    If one of these proposition is checked... * done something meaningful * made a nice discovery * spend time with loved one * behaved according to myself ...that's a good day so basically all of my days are good ! unless some things can make a day turns bad -shit happens- and that's depending on me dealing with it
  8. Name change request

    Ok, no other idea for now. Thanks
  9. at least they tried something
  10. Name change request

    Hi, I'd like my name changed from CloudHands to 雲手. Thanks
  11. Countries by carbon dioxide emissions in thousands of tonnes per annum, via the burning of fossil fuels (blue the highest and green the lowest). Based on levels in 2006