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  1. The Dawn Remembrance Verses

    I love you Seriously it could be there I guess this means you have done it right ?
  2. I thought about that when I mediated today. I think one must put his attention on sight or visualization to feel that. Not necessarily a bad thing. If you put your presence elsewhere you will probably feel differently. A tip if you want to try something... The way I was taught to meditate is not to close eyes but just to lower the eyelids and keep a tiny tiny bit of light. So that you make no effort with your face's muscles (no tension), you avoid visualizations and you keep some contact with exterior while you focus internaly.
  3. Hi @Limahong ! No you don't yet But maybe one day we will know each other, maybe ! I'm fine, doing some house painting at home as it was necessary. Talking lightness It's the very first I enjoy white so much.
  4. Hey, I don't know you so it's awkward for me to say... but I'd say this : don't worry too much about finality it may be bigger than just you, but search for lightness and regularity
  5. Say Something Nice About Someone Chain!

    That's more or less what mods do ! Except there is an exit button
  6. Say Something Nice About Someone Chain!

    Yeah... what a bunch of undisciplined bums !
  7. The Dawn Remembrance Verses

    You seem to be a man of the morning dear dwai. There is something I wish I can do in my life, experience dawn at the canopy of a tropical old-growth forest. This something I should not do before 50 and I hope this is not going to be a business before that time. Sorry I'm a bit off. I wish you a very good year, taiji pal !
  8. Say Something Nice About Someone Chain!

    What ?! that's all the love we got ? I like @Rara , for showing openness I like @silent thunder , I rarely see such a big heart I like @Taomeow because she showed me more paths than any other bum (btw I started on Lao She then I saw you just post about him) I like @thelerner I feel him simply kind and true here. and I like @Earl Grey for bringing so much dynamic here
  9. Pale Blue Dot

    I think it's a simple essential teaching. It puts you back on a larger perspective and on the same time call you back at our basic responsibilities and most elementary needs. It's pretty difficult to get that cold clear sight. Ecological discourses are now either past-alarmist or defeatist (with reasons...) and many spiritual teaching has been interpreted as peace&love/everythingisOK/NoResponsability stuff. It's a bit like looking at the stars. Most people don't, but this is what our ancestors used to see. I guess once you lose that picture you lose a big part of the world. Related (tenere = desert)
  10. Say Something Nice About Someone Chain!

    Great ! @Apech funny wise cat. Deep with touch of lightness which makes I enjoy many your posts.
  11. This thread is a call for denial and it worked. Power corrupts for sure. But any person with power, will just do what he feels "allowed" to do. It's too easy to blame "heads" while masses are ready to take the position next. I have just to watch cars or houses, clothes and shoes to know that. What makes all that particularly unacceptable is that we living the climax of that era (and no I won't use a metaphor). Even if we trace back our evolution, there is nothing like a sudden change. Take money or agriculture these started with prototypes and started all around the human world. I guess this is US !