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  1. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    meditation is the human way to give life a meaning
  2. Lost motivation

    You are describing a world of complexity, it is what it is, often difficult and ugly. Good luck to anyone going by these stages (and anyone with sensibility will). I think most people leaning towards spirituality, meditation are people that have to deal with existential question and or suffering, that's why we need it sometimes as answer, sometimes as an help and sometimes like a life mellower or better like an life enhancer. You may be suffering depression right now which makes everything harder. Good news are that meditation is a great cure and passing through that, when that will pass (because it will !) you will appreciate life even better Two other operational proposition : join a group of practice. The group carries the practitioners, opportunities to practice differently from what you used to do and similar minded contacts also help. start downhill longboarding
  3. Lost motivation

    I really liked CT's post. What works for me is quiet the opposite. I commit to my practice. It's both a pleasure and a piece of work, some days are better than others I give me that but... if I don't play my daily part I can't be okay with myself I (tool)blame myself for it and so next day I'm back on it. I like to think our practices are like wheels rolling them bring up inertia. By inertia I mean, grounding and practice habits. Lost the practice, lost the habit, lost the grounding. So back on track pushing that big wheel to make that virtuous circle to roll again PS : that's how I'd see things for me but you may be totally different ! Wish you the best winds !
  4. Long time lurker

    Hi @Neigongwiki it seems you have reached a level sufficient enough to bring you grain of salt here Be welcome enjoy your time here and please share your stories with us !
  5. Greetings from Toronto

    Hi ! Welcome to you You'll find a section DDJ discussion here waiting for you to comment, and you may become another immortal there
  6. Nondual seeker doing some energy work on the side

    Hi ! Nobody else than a teacher will be able to give you feedbacks here. It does matter Besides I think group practice is useful it helps feeling to be to be part of something and provide some grounding to the training. Most importantly feel welcome here !
  7. Where to Start? Auckland, NZ

    Hi @Adrian (male) Ahah tricky auntie ! Enjoy your stay here and beware of power seekers, as an old man used to say here take everything with a pinch of salt
  8. Yan Xin qigong student and family goals

    Same as virtue Enjoy your time here !
  9. The Tao

  10. I have a serious question

    And welcome to you, of course !
  11. I have a serious question

    Hi, here is more than what you could ask. Almost to much details but they will take place in time for instance the two differents du mai pathes I think you should not worry too much about that I think Damo has very valuable podcasts highly accurate and he shares that in an humble an relaxed way. BUT If I were you I'd start with Yi Jin Jing and go to a live and real teacher. Enjoy ^^
  12. I ching website

    Thanks and you answered my other question by the way ! I missed you
  13. I ching website

    Yes or more something like an unmentioned "what's now ?" but that would be a question already. Would that be absolutely unorthodox ?