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Found 3 results

  1. Many-minds interpretation The many-minds interpretation of quantum theory is many-worlds with the distinction between worlds constructed at the level of the individual observer. Rather than the worlds that branch, it is the observer’s mind. When two people look at two different detectors that scan entangled particles, both observers will enter an indefinite state, as with one observer. These results need not agree – the second observer's mind does not have to have results that correlate with the first's. When one observer tells the results to the second observer, their two minds cannot communicate and thus will only interact with the other's body, which is still indefinite. When the second observer responds, his body will respond with whatever result agrees with the first observer's mind. This means that both observer's minds will be in a state of the wavefunction that always get the expected results, but individually their results could be different. Quantum decoherence Quantum entanglement Faster-than-light communication
  2.|NSNS|2017-1110-GLOBAL-NovWk2_Youniverse|button&utm_medium=EMP&utm_source=NSNS&utm_campaign=NovWk2_Youniverse&utm_content=button&cmpid Consciously quantum: How you make everything real The idea that we create reality seems absurd. But an audacious new take on quantum theory suggests the fundamental laws of nature emerge from our own experiences
  3. The Bashar (channel) Thread

    An interview with Bashar's vehicle of communication. Bashar speaks. 1 hr 58 mins Hope you enJoy these videos. Namaste, gentlewind