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  1. Hello, I'm new and I have a question, too

    I like seeing threads like these - full of good communication and recommendations - Awesome!
  2. Hello!

    Yeah that sounds about right Dazed. I too have looked at this forum over the years and have found some interesting posts. And then it wasn't until recently that I joined up.
  3. I saw the movie .. thought is was decent and fun. No interest to read the books though.
  4. Where can one post flyers anyhow?

    Ok great! Thanks you guys! Now I just have to write more posts and wait until my membership status gets privileged enough to post outside the lobby ; )
  5. Where can one post flyers anyhow?

    Hi everyone, I have been reading the Tao Bums forum for a while and just now have taken the time to become a member. I look forward to adding to the depth of discussions found here. I have recently been asked to post online flyers for an upcoming qi gong class but I don't know where online I can do this. Is it possible that Tao Bums has an area to do this? Or is there another way? I would like to post for everyone in the different countries like Germany, Spain, Australia, United States and so on.. Well I won't use this space to advertise and I do hope I get some good discussion out of this post as I'm sure we are all taking classes from our instructors and would like to know where online we can broadcast these classes to others. All the Best,