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  1. Zhan Zhuang - Yin or Yang?

    Peak yin into into rising yang with practice.
  2. taoist books on working with the mind ?

    Taoist meditation by wu jyh cherng is my favorite covering this, it's a translation and commentary on a famous treatise called "zuowanglun" by A prolific ShangChing Master, highly recommended.
  3. The middle pillar practice of western ceremonial magic was what originally opened some of my most preliminary channels, and later QI gong greatly increased the sensitivity depth.
  4. Neidan vs Mantrayana

    What daoist order have you been initiated into to give you the authority to make such declarations of the entire religion?
  5. Lower Dantian / Hara vs. Third Eye

    The third eye obsession in western culture isn't a conspiracy per say, I'd say it's more likely a natural extension of the western disposition towards overbearing intellect and thinking that pervades our society. In the West from the moment we're entered into formal education there's a huge emphasis on the brain. To the neglect of the mind in general and the functions of the rest of the body which make the brain power even possible to begin with. Now compare this mindset to how westerners approach spirituality most often and you'll see the correlation. I, like most in this thread, whenever I'm approached by newbies to spirituality and the third eye invariably gets brought up, I emphasize that the third eye work should come much later, to prevent the mentally destablizing airy disposition that characterizes many people that neglect the rest of the energetic system to the exclusivity of practice towards the third eye. I always give them the example in that building a house one does not build the roof on top of mere frame. first the foundation needs to be made solid, the insulation needs to be in place, THEN one can begin to think about the roof. It usually does the trick.
  6. 7th chakra experiences

    If you have not had any formal training in projection healing then I'd say your dad was probably wise
  7. For me personally it would be a vast over simplification to say what my energy body feels like in totality at this point, due to the very different kinds of energy... but to attempt it I would describe overall it as feeling like a "dry vapor" essentially. But going through as many energetic transformations over this few years has exposed many more permutations than I feel is necessary to share here... but some of them include a rock like formation shattering to dust that dissipated when I initially broke into the heart center... it was very peculiar and alarming because at the time I had only a couple months of experience in energy work and no real guidance.. but the sensation was unforgettable... could feel every speck of this energetic dirt drain from the center of my chest to the meridians around the body... I would actually relate to the OP in regards to the plasma like feeling back when I was experimenting with Astral projection... it engulfed my entirely body, and made my heart beat rapidly due to the aforementioned blockage... these days during my most intense sessions and my Neidan/taiji practice it's mostly strings of electricity on the palms and feet, along with a sense of what feels like is physical light radiating from the heart. I look forward to what's next, for sure.
  8. Sorry it was andrei's 2nd post that irked me. And I forgot to mention that the best course of action is to find a teacher. I implore you, because there is always a posibility something can go wrong by the merit of not having anyone to correct you. It is a sad fate not to have anyone to turn to in such a situation and to have inadequate medical attention at best.
  9. Andrei's 1st post (having issues quoting it) in this thread makes me sad. Directing chi to the lower dantian after energywork is not only intensely practical and not metaphorical in any sense, it is definitely a fundamental part of basic internal cultivation. Without it, any hope of advancement is greatly diminished at best, or delusional at worst. Anyways, it sounds like you have yet to begin cultivating your "YI" aka intent. This amplifies the amount of chi that is moved by ones focused attention. Seeing as though I consider myself a student, and not yet designated to teach , I can't give a practice persay, other than something general. concentrate on the lower dan, and to say to yourself mentally that your chi is moving to this place in an increasing amount. Know that this is happening, and it shall be. Like malik said, the chi already flows with your attention, it is just more efficient to amplify this. Over time, you will find that this will enhance your ability to move the chi thorough the body,and can be turned on like a switch without thought, as the shen(which is where intent/yi comes from) is utilized more frequently and your channels are purified. Also dwai's recommendations on posture and position of the tounge are great and very pertinent to remember. I hope this helps. By the way, if you have any questions at all, especially pertaining to the location of the lower dantian, please let me know. Because accumulating chi in the incorrect place can very easily have a disastrous effects on ones health. I wish you luck.
  10. My new book on beginner neidan methods

    for those less aquainted with chinese terminology, xiantian refers to "PreHeaven" and HouTian refers to "PostHeaven" Energies. many would find familiarity in the 2 most common configurations of the 8 trigrams.
  11. Neidan vs Qigong

    as someone who has also learned neidan from Dragon Gate, id like to put forth my humble opinion on the matter in my experience, the difference between Qigong and Neidan, is that with Qigong the objective is to clear blockages, and acculmulate Qi. in Neidan, it is concerned primarily with the Transmutation of the forces within the body, of which QiGong is a mandatory foundation. Through experiementation, the ancient daoists set upon learning the progressions and changes in nature using the I Ching, with the objective of matching said transformations into the body. Qigong concerns itself primarily with post heaven treasures, whereas neidan works with Pre heaven treasures.
  12. Filling up the lower Dan Tien- How and Why

    having trained with longmen, I agree with all you have said. even Wang Liping himself says that the xia dantien needs to be "carved" out, not that exact word but something to that effect. I have also encountered opposition for speaking from a different vantage point. I had said that the Original art of Taijiquan passed down in the initatory lineages actually contain many mudras that are used on specific points in the body, and visualizations.... including the trigram's correspondences in the body and environment.... as calculated for specific effects using the I ching. there are also animal visualizations.... I have named only a few of the peculiarities of these forms. This, I have been taught, did not get passed on by the family lineages, but in fact predates them, and was created by San Feng himself.
  13. Filling up the lower Dan Tien- How and Why

    Considering the context clues, id say its mantak chia. as far as my experiences have shown, pretty much every daoist from china ive been acquainted with him say that he gives diluted and improper methods. also, there are quite a few complaints about people being damaged by his practices. to all those who practice him, dont flame me. im just contributing to the topic.
  14. Qigong; eating a bland diet

    exactly a year ago I had to do a specific bland food diet in order to balance the humors of Ayurveda as transmitted by my teachers, until i had a purge event. i had to do it for 11 days for this to happen. i didnt do chi gong during this time, however. by the 6th day, my meditations became so powerful, that i was struggling to keep my mudras and my tounge to the roof of my mouth. my body was shaking, my teeth were chattering. thats how much energy was flowing, practicularly through the Baihui point. i cant honestly say ive had as great a breakthrough since then.
  15. The Magus Of Java

    this is going to be my last post in this thread, as i see the typical discussion is coming. it is by no means a mopai exclusive attainment. have a good one.