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  1. The Live Conversation thread

    Oh not much, finished up some walking a little bit ago, might do some reading soon
  2. Say Something Nice About Someone Chain!

    @Earl Grey thank you for making this topic, you are always looking to help this community come together and have always shown willingness to help those that seek it. @Nintendao - thanks, well i have always loved your name and wish i had thought of a name that cool! Haha i also sense a kindness and humbleness when i see your posts. Even though i do remain pretty silent around here, i have been able to form intimate personal relationships with many of you, and the people i have been able to meet have been very kind, open and helpful to me along the way. ( & that definately includes people that may appear harsh or overly critical in their public posts 😂) i do appreciate all who take the time to post their experiences with these practices and what they have learned in the process. Im sure i could say something nice to just about everyone here, but for now i guess i will call out @freeform. I continue to find your open sharing of your experiences inspiring. Hope to continue listening to them!
  3. Aromatherapy & Essential oils

    I like experimenting with them too. I like tea tree, peppermint, lavender too. My favorites have to be sage, sandalwood, frankincense, and myhrr.
  4. Taiji temple style-teacher

    Hello welcome to the forum
  5. Shoes without rubber soles? (grounding)

    Yeah try them out, they are so cheap! I like how you can feel the ground under your feet so well but still have protection. Making rope sole shoes sounds interesting, let us know how they turn out. - that makes me think maybe i could try making some of these cotton sole ones if i can figure it out. Might be nice
  6. Shoes without rubber soles? (grounding)

    You may like these: I have a few pairs and i really like them, they say indoor use only, but i walk with them and use them outdoors all the time, they keep going, havent worn a pair out yet .. The only time you dont want to use them outdoors is if the groud is wet, which the cotton sole will become soaked and you hve to dry them out for a few days. Other then that they are good... and it is really comfortable actually, walking on cotton soles.
  7. Probiotic Appreciation Study Group

    Thank you. I have actually been brewing and am still really new to it. I am on just my 3rd brew at the moment and i am loving it! I am at the point where i have 2 huge scobys and am planning to start a scoby motel because i dont know what else to do with them and dont want to throw them away. I have been experimenting a bit on the second brew, the first few times i used pom juice which was great, this last time i tried apple juice and cinnamon which has been my favorite!
  8. Not my place.

    I think, had anyone taken the time to actually reach out and try to get to know him, you would see that he is actually a very open and friendly person with a lot of very interesting experiences with different teachers to share. I have found our talks to be very valuable personally. i see how the moderators would consider banning, but i do agree, other people have treated him wrongly too, and possibly provoked him on purpose.
  9. Hi

    Welcome glad to meet you
  10. Serge Augier Online School

    I do not, but i have one of his books that i enjoyed, and know he is well respected. He had some interesting courses online last i checked that are rare to find anywhere else.
  11. Probiotic Appreciation Study Group

    Thanks for your review, that is what i am kind of scared of. Is there a way to test it before drinking it to make sure it is safe?
  12. Probability of Change

    Great topic Everyone gets better results with different methods. Most of the people i know that work with the i ching prefer the coin method. Personally i like the stalks - i never seemed to get consistent accurate readings with the coins, it was always hit or miss but when i started using the stalks it was crazy how accurate and specefic my readings come. Almost scary! My friends do seem to get those specefic readings from the coins though. It could possibly be how tuned in to the reading you are. That is another reason i like the stalks because it draws me in and allows me to concentrate on my question for a longer period of time. ( takes quite a while) another reason they used the stalks, i read, is because they viewed the yarrow as sort of a spiritual connector into things like the i ching The imbalance makes since to me too, i could be wrong but the way i have always seen it, is we are in a post heaven state so there is imbalance everywhere, but the pre heaven state would be the perfectly balanced yin and yang. Since the ancient chinese were so obsessed with numerology i doubt they created the stalks system to be imbalanced mistakenly. Hope to hear more
  13. Im sorry, i do not know much about shinto, but i am interested in learning more about it too. There was a book i found in the library that kind of went into certain aspects of it but not in a satisfying way.. I have also read this book Which the author says is based on a shinto way of life, you may be able to send her an email and perhaps she is open to sharing more? I think there are other members here who know more about it than me
  14. Learning Balance in Life

    Welcome, look forward to hearing more from you
  15. Dit Dat Jows - Anyone use them?

    Woodlock oil is supoosed to be very good, unfortunately i never had the chance to use it yet. I used some formula's from plum dragon and east meets west, where you choose a formula and they send you the herbs and you make it yourself. They are good traditional formula's and i enjoy the process. But next time i will try to source the herbs myself as i think better sources can be found. They worked alright, for what i wanted. like many things, it really depends on where you get them. some are miraculous, and some dont do very much.