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  1. Dit Dat Jows - Anyone use them?

    Woodlock oil is supoosed to be very good, unfortunately i never had the chance to use it yet. I used some formula's from plum dragon and east meets west, where you choose a formula and they send you the herbs and you make it yourself. They are good traditional formula's and i enjoy the process. But next time i will try to source the herbs myself as i think better sources can be found. They worked alright, for what i wanted. like many things, it really depends on where you get them. some are miraculous, and some dont do very much.
  2. dancing

    To me its opening and at times very cathartic. It's spotaneity, and letting loose from restrictions in my view. I feel its an expression of our deeper selves, maybe that we dont even know about. I agree in its connection to energy and spirit
  3. Hello!

  4. Excuses, excuses...

    It seems to me, with resolutions (especially relating to food?) It is always easy to stick to it, but it is always a friend or family member that ends up urging me to break it :/ haha
  5. Tea Appreciation Study Group

    I love the taste of the high altitude oolongs. I Have tried some of the cheap ones too and they arent too bad. Overall they have more a stimulating effect to me, its hard to sleep if i have cups too close to sleep time. while the puerh' especially raw have a unique buzz, really relaxed but focused & stimulated. Oolongs and greens have more of a cooling effect on my body and i like them in the hot months, and puerh always warms me up in the colder ones.
  6. Tea Appreciation Study Group

    Good quality Matcha is great! i havent had matcha in a year or so , it can be pretty expensive for a little packet. Lately have just been drinking puerh's and high mountain oolongs. I like puerh especially for it's benefits to the digestion, especially if you've eaten a meal with too much oil and you are feeling a little heavy. Raw puerh i have been drinking the most lately, but i love ripe just as much.
  7. New to group

    Welcome robert, glad you could make it
  8. Zen Practitioner

    Welcome to the forum , there are definately members here that can offer good support and advice. You might find this thread interesting:
  9. Scott Meredith

    I really like his taiji books, and i like his sense of humor. he has some good excercises to fascilitate greater relaxation in the postures. They helped me at least.
  10. Hi.. could you tell me if this is working?

    can you put a pin point on your location (if you want) and does it stick.  Note its good to use Simple addition so you don't need an exact address.


    I just did it, and it didn't take til I went back in and renamed myself. 




    1. Seatle185


      Hey michael, i see your location and i found my location, but im not seeing how to put a pin on it

    2. thelerner


      On the upper left hand side the third choice is Additions.   Clicking that and going down to Simple Addition, should give you the ability (I hope to drop down a pinpoint of your name). 


      I chose to use my first name and my screen name, ie Michael (thelerner) .

  11. Interesting Chineese films.

    I liked iron monkey too. Theres alot of good stuff mentioned in this thread Enjoy
  12. Puerh tea

    I have been happy sipping on this raw blue stamp cake this winter with nice notes of camphor.
  13. Hey! Ya'll seem pretty chill to me

    Welcome, look forward to hearing more
  14. Hello from Brazil

    Welcome, happy to have you
  15. It actually does come from flying phoenix. have fun