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  1. Welcome robert, glad you could make it
  2. Welcome, look forward to hearing your input
  3. Welcome to the forum , there are definately members here that can offer good support and advice. You might find this thread interesting:
  4. I really like his taiji books, and i like his sense of humor. he has some good excercises to fascilitate greater relaxation in the postures. They helped me at least.
  5. Hi.. could you tell me if this is working?

    can you put a pin point on your location (if you want) and does it stick.  Note its good to use Simple addition so you don't need an exact address.


    I just did it, and it didn't take til I went back in and renamed myself. 




    1. Seatle185


      Hey michael, i see your location and i found my location, but im not seeing how to put a pin on it

    2. thelerner


      On the upper left hand side the third choice is Additions.   Clicking that and going down to Simple Addition, should give you the ability (I hope to drop down a pinpoint of your name). 


      I chose to use my first name and my screen name, ie Michael (thelerner) .

  6. I liked iron monkey too. Theres alot of good stuff mentioned in this thread Enjoy
  7. I have been happy sipping on this raw blue stamp cake this winter with nice notes of camphor.
  8. Welcome, look forward to hearing more
  9. Welcome, happy to have you
  10. It actually does come from flying phoenix. have fun
  11. I think one problem is you become attached to the things you hear or see too much that is why you get lost in music or t.v. you end up obsessing over it.. and forceful "retention" or abstinence is obsessing too, just the opposite direction (worse in my opinion because when you try to forcefully quit something all your mind does is think about it.). One of my teachers said it isn't the pleasure that is the problem, it is the obsessive attachment to the pleasure thats the big problem. Karen makes some good points. Alot of people have trouble understanding myself including, but i dont think the classics meant to cut yourself off from all external stimuli ( could be wrong...) otherwise might as well stab your eyes out and seal your ears and nose. It is learning to not obsess over them and keeping your center. Anyways i dont know just putting some of my thoughts out there for you. And in my opinion dont feel bad for enjoying music.. alot of our old cultures felt spiritual connection to music, daoists including, and even if we are talking about the hermits living all alone in the mountains, they revel in the music of nature.
  12. Yeah i cook with some meat on it, when your cooking broth the idea is to strain everything out from the liquid at the end because all the nutrients have transfered from the bones (and meat) into the liquid so while you could still eat the meat most of the times you dispose of it with the bones
  13. I have soup every day and almost every day it includes bone broth. Its actually not that hard once you figure the timing out. Bone broth can be cooking in the back ground in a crockpot with very little effort required to make. (And its cheap) It just takes time. When its finished you will have enough for a while, just freeze some and it will last a very long time. In the fridge it will last at least a week.
  14. Actually 24 hours is the very least amount. When cooking bone broth i will go up to 48 hours. You can do it less i guess, but that would be wasting some of the valuable nutrients you could extract. It takes a long time to break down the bones unfortunately. If you cant wait, you can try to find some broth at a farmers market or somewhere. Most store bought broth is really bad and unhealthy but i have bought good broth from local farmers that cook it right.
  15. Vegetable Soups and broths i have found are great for the stomach/digestion. Cinnamon,ginger and turmeric i feel are good for it.. now some great things you can have are fermented foods - like kombucha and pu-erh tea i have had really good results when having after a heavy/greasy meal. There are probobly plenty more herbs and foods i dont know about that is good for it but these are just a few suggestions i have had good results with.. good luck