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Mara(Satan)Xianity...Daoist Cosmology...

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Actually, :) I have to say this post is Inspired by my Mentors.

I've edited this several times, so keep this in MIND.




See, in the Buddhism we talk of the Self Deceptive Qualities of the MIND.

As being a Tremendous obstacle in the path to achieving The Clear Light Bliss.

Most Buddhist texts, even the ones written by the Dali, fail to recognize this

important aspect of the spiritual journey.


Now this is not some off shoot of the Dao. Because actually the Dao sits at the

center. Even if you ask a Buddhist, they cannot deny the Dao. Because in essence, the Dao path is the most Complex path of all. It requires the most devout dedication to the Body. Discipline to the hightest level!


But see, the Dao is not something you Worship! You Worship GOD and GOD alone!

The beginning of all wisdom, is to FEAR the LORD and keep his Commandments.

All is Vanity, and grasping at the wind beside this essential tenet!

Only through GOD can you remove the Illusion...

GOD creates reality. GOD controls Science! FEAR THE LORD! LOVE GOD FIRST

AND FOREMOST. Only through GOD's LOVE can you Love another!

If not, you will fall into the Trap of Selfeshness!



In the Dao we dont talk about Karma. Its only Dao. You walk a certain way

you get a certain Dao. Its all just WAY... Karma is a Buddhist concept!


I am not going to go into a detailed discussion on how to properly Worship

the LORD. Nor am I going to speak of the Qualities of God.

It is impossible to Know God Completly.

This is a major Psychological Issue you need to face!

Your mind is always trying to Calculate everything.

People and Spirits are very Complex.

Accept the Dynamics and settle the mind from its Deceptive nature.

GOD is INFINITE and Super Natural!

We will leave this for another Day.


What I am really trying to get at, is this Literal Deceptive Quality of your Mind.

That creates Illusion! How could you be so Naive? Don't take everything at Face

Value! How could you beileve everything you hear? How could you interpet

everything you read as Literal? Hey its your Choice! But even Free Choice

is about Discipline! And my Friends, the Dao is all about Discipline, Honesty..

ect... VIRTUE(Righteousness)!


Its this Deceptive Aspect of your mind that causes most of the Collective

Consioussness to Live in Paranoia and Insecurity! What a shame!

Only True Words of the HEART may be Interpeted Literally.

That just takes Wisdom to decipher!

But even then, Poetry is but the Song of Love, and truely beyond

Literal Interpetation.

Best to just Look into the Spirit for Soundness!


But this just seems to be the Nature of things. Why is it that some people

will pursue Enlightenment and others will remain void of its potential

for Liberation? The motives of the Dao... :rolleyes: Could it just be

Laziness? Could it just be Insecurity? Ponder on... Dao is Fathomless, but yet

there is a core of Realism.



Something I forgot to add on my intial post.

It has to do with Hidden Agendas.

I find from my Research in Social Psychology that this issue

is Pertinent!

So many people are putting up a Facade.

And really most are not even AWARE of their deeper underLIEing


Its just a matter of "Simple Psychology" as my one friend's put it...



My Primordial Agenda is to LOVE and be LOVED!

This is the Core of my Beliefs...

As I said in the Past, It is my Understanding that there is only one



The the other Off shoots, just fall back into this Fomula.

The Healing Love takes a Long Time to Learn!

But in this way the Teaching of the The Dao becomes more Fluid and

Clear from the Beginning!

I recommend you all study Western Psychology. Especially if you live in the

West! This would be very Wise of you...

Hey Freud, Tell me what you are Thinking???...







I think it helps to keep this in mind. We are truely indebted to the Healing Dao

for its work in elucidating this.

The Alchemical Instructions act as a guide for working with Chong Mo.

How it differs and Ultimatley Prevails against other disciplines is that it leads to the

Dao itself! To get to the Dao, you have travel through the Inner Dimensions of space. At the same time, if you think about it from a Quantum Mechanical view,

the farthest point in Outer Space actually is the deepest point of Inner Space.


The Instructions act as a guide for cracking open the Core Channel.

There like keys that open up pathways to your Original Self and Beyond.

Later Heaven, Early Heaven, Primordial Heaven, Wuji, Dao...


The secret is in the correct application of the Alchemical Priniciples.

The Congress of Heaven and Earth is the final Coupling.

Early Heaven and Later Heaven Couple to reopen the portal back to the Dao.


All that differs in my approach are my own personnel Elucidations and Insights.

In the same but different ways that the Healing Dao argues with the Universal

Dao, I argue with them both!


But the Core principles cannot be abandon!

The Cosmology is Key.


At the High Levels it becomes like ones own Poetry for explaining the PROCESS.

Also, Incorporating different Insights for clearer understanding.

Yet it all flows back to this Mysterious Dao!



Eternal Life, Immortality, the fruits of cultivation...

Sitting on the Edge of Reality...

Can you see what is True?

When the doors of Heaven and Earth,

Open and Shut...

Can you remain as the Feminine Innocence...


Men and Women both have Equal potential for Enlightnement!

By Nature this is True!

Some will just take more of an Initiative of Pursuit.

A Preponderance of Evidence!


Well, I shall End Here.

I would like to introduce my New Company!


I call it:



(For Short)




Spiritual Enlightenment Xianity

(For Long)


The Long and the Short, seems to be the Nature of things????

Natural Law Jurisprudence



Well if your interested in deeper discussion, just call me...



I find from speaking with other Daoist on the phone, that this type of communication is much more efficient.

Reading post without hearing the Inflections, Tones and Dynamics in my

Voice can lead you into confusion of the Heart of what I am explaining...


God Bless those who read this with a Pure Heart!

Jesus Saves!

Coils of the Serpent Unwind...



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My Primordial Agenda is to LOVE and be LOVED!

This is the Core of my Beliefs...

I really like this Daotaichi. It's kindred with a recent clarity I gained on my primary drive, although I like the way you word this better.



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Heart of Freudian Psychology!


Glad you Enjoy Sean....


Hey Sean, Just a Suggestion...

How about changing the NAME of the this SITE?

Its very degrading...

How about like DAOMASTERS???



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haha i like to refer to myself as a bum... i don't consider it degrading at all.


to be a bum to me is to have little cares or worries about externalities.



anyways in your essay you speak about god. you speak about god as if it is something seperate from you.... someone/thing to be worshipped, feared, whatever.


what is god to you?



god to me is the giant superbeing of which we are all a part of. just like our bodies are made up of trillions of self-functioning and conscious (although not conscious perhaps in quite the same way we think) cells and organisms collected together to make up a one... such are we the cells and organisms within the body of god. we make it up. we are a part of it.


at night we go to sleep and we have dreams. we have dreams that exist as another level in our own reality, that exist within our own minds and are personal to us.


i believe that the reality we share is actually just the dream of god.


perhaps there is more than one god even yet we would never know just like a cell living within our body would never know that another body existed.....




just like you i feel the desire to seek love. to love and be loved, yet they are both the same are they not? can you be loved without loving? can you love without being loved? love is really all that exists... there is nothing else but divine, unconditional, unending love.


i have been thinking more and more about love. i was in a relationship with a girl for 3 years and i believed i loved and still love her. but when i think about it, the feeling i thought of as love was just a lie. it was not real. i do not believe love can exist exclusively between just two people, that is only biochemical, hormonal. its not real. sure love can be shared by two people, but to be real love both people will love all as equals. for everything is equal. nothing is seperate from or more important than anything else and to love everything as an equal is the truth.


i go to search for that love.... i'm not sure how to approach it other than by experimenting with love. letting myself feel love for as many people as i can. letting that love be the same, and not different, for every person.... whether the relationship is friends, sexual, or otherwise.



(i leave on friday so i am around till then...)

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Yes there is really no words for all this.


I like the name taobums because it is so paradoxical. Nobody can save the universe but a practicing taoist, on the other hand, in order for a practicing taoist to DO THAT, they have to seemingly become a bum, a hermit, someone who relaxes deeply and seemingly does no work. By doing no work we do THE GREAT work, god's work.


The Work is being a bum.


But being a bum is doing the Work.


The paradox is that to work we have to relax! So the formulas can take us through to the other side, we must relax. Relaxation is the work, non effort.


Thank you for these observations which prompted me to write this in my journal:

Healing love = healing heart art cosmic spiral of love congress of heaven and man is a clear light of bliss, the primordial agenda to love and be loved.

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You need to work out your Hidden Agendas...

This is the feeling I get when I read your Article! :)


This is pertaining to Neimad.


As for the Trinity, Actually I HATE the name Taobums...

But hey its just my Opinion...

Just thought I would make the suggestion.

Really no need to peer into it to deeply!




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The only thing that bothers me about the name The Tao Bums is the male connotation of "bums" (when referring to the homeless) since this site is not exclusive to men at all. But I think the name hits on a level of humility that many of us here have and approach this Work with. We are not necessarily the type that shaves every single morning or has a super fast-paced corporate lifestyle. We tend to be a little more laid back. Sometimes we get up late on Sundays and bum around in our pajamas before drinking some milk out of the carton and doing our meditations. Heh. Also there is another layer of meaning in that the Tao itself Bums, in the verb sense of the word "bum" meaning "to wander, often unemployed". The Tao personified as the jobless wind, without form or preference, playfully blowing wherever it pleases. I like it. B)



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You need to work out your Hidden Agendas...

This is the feeling I get when I read your Article! :)


This is pertaining to Neimad.




nice dodging...



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You need to work out your Hidden Agendas...


two excellent books about this. one is Games people Play and the other is What Do You Say after You Say Hello?, both by eric berne. brilliant, brilliant analysis, discussion and remedy of the hidden agenda. i can't think of any one (or two) books that were more critical thje psychological aspect of my spiritual work.


it's raucously hysterical, but also very down and dirty. you'll probably end up hating yourself and not want to actually do the work. i still highly recommend both books.

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