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What were you doing @ 11 years old?

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Haha! That Is increadable.

Great video!

Wish there was a musical bone in this body!!!


11 years old???


Flashbacks HURT. DARN IT.



I was um???

... Learning the art of invisibility

and climbing my neighbors chimneys and pine trees

Self defense skills sucked, LOL,

so hiding and out climbing worked well!!!

kept me (mostly?)alive, i think?


Was raising other peoples children and collecting tin cans

to try and raise every nickel i could,

was hard to earn a dime! Still can be :)

and dreaming about training a dog to go and get peoples wallets

out of their shoes on the beach, LOL,

don't worry never did ... was far to honest.

Sure coulda made a killing though!!!


Was raiding my neighbors garden

(raiding honestly though???)

and had a terribly incorrect view

that anything that grew could be eaten, ugh. :P


(a bad flashback to about 7 years,lol)

It might kill you?

And learning to clean dear and many saltwater fish?

Any two legged or four legged is about the same

but fish still confuse the daylights out of me!

Was probably more of a vegetarian because of it

... might be a reason for having raided gardens?


Sitting at night in meditation and in contemplation.

Was sleeping under houses and in trees and in swamps!

and as weird as it might sound was loving every moment of it

(except for the ones that were chasing me, they sucked.)!


Over all guess not much has changed!

Still trying to earn a dime.

Still Loving the trees and swamps. Still sitting at night?

Still needing to learn self defense and get chased once in awhile.

...Not so into the neighbors gardens as much ;)

And as for the dog I was going to train???

I wonder if my little mutts would be interested in learning

some new tricks through the winter,LOL?

... still to honest. ...kinda?...might be able to get over that though??




How about you ddilulo_06?

What were you up to?

Have things changed?



Shonton Ga

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