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  1. A Question For The Ladies

    I'm not sure that I solely live life for the hope of achieving ascension, but it's high on my priority list.
  2. Remove fluoride from water supply

    This thread is much appreciated. I've been wondering about this question lately too.
  3. help with public speaking

    The most important factor I've found was to be prepared and know the material.
  4. 5 element diet

    i include blueberries in my diet.
  5. Very cool idea, what jah all think?

    I like the idea
  6. Thank you for this thread.
  7. Talking To God

    I remember that it made me ask a lot of philosophical questions about our existence.
  8. Perception...

    Perception is completely based on those mental filters we that set up around us.
  9. What exactly is Enlightment

    Enlightenment is living in the present and not only truth, but living truth. Enlightened people have a basic sense of direction and know the whole, "God", the self in everything they encounter and experience. You're not striving for anything because "you are".
  10. Gum disease

    I strongly recommend avoiding high fructose corn syrup products.
  11. Nirvana and the right brain

    Descartes postulated that the Pineal Gland at the base of the brain was the seat of the soul.
  12. What were you doing @ 11 years old?

    Thinking back, it was probably field hockey
  13. US history is made...

    Nothing wrong with using this mantra if it works for you.
  14. US history is made...

    At least Obama gives us a hope.
  15. What are you listening to?

    A mix of several hundred classic soul songs from my favorite cds.