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  1. Off to China :) See y'all back soon !

    Have a great time!
  2. Full Moon Mendacity

  3. The Hathors on Swine Flu We wish to speak with you about a dangerous and treacherous passage that you are now entering. We spoke to this in our last communication when we discussed Chaotic Nodes. From our perspective you are getting closer to the manifestation of such chaos. There are several reasons for this, which we wish to explore .But first we wish to affirm to you our belief in the sovereignty of human consciousness. We believe that you can, as individuals and as a collective, change your destinies, even as they unfold before you. Therefore this message is not one of doom, but a call to presence and spiritual mastery. As we view it, the H1N1 Virus, commonly called the "swine flu" has been genetically engineered and created. It is not a natural mutation. It is a conscious attempt by the hidden forces behind your governments to control and manipulate you. It is a social experiment, with dire consequences if they succeed. The lies, half-truths and manipulations of information concerning this virus are very convoluted. But whatever the outcome, it is clear to us that this was initiated by human\ consciousness. And it is also clear to us that it can only be undone by human consciousness. Fear of survival is one of the greatest tactics used to manipulate, and these dark forces shall use every means at their disposal to ensure that fear increases over the next several months (much less years). As spiritual masters, your task is to transcend this collective mind control and find your own personal pathway through the chaos that will ensue. There are no specific guidelines on how to manage this. It is up to you and your own capacity for discernment. From our perspective, it will appear as if a rift is torn through the very fabric of your social consciousness. There are those who will side with fear and insist that radical actions be taken including, but certainly not limited to, inoculations. Each of you must make your own decisions regarding this, for you are the ones living in bodies, and it is you who would be most affected. But we must say to you, from our perspective, that we view these inoculations to be highly suspicious. They are contaminated. They will not protect. They will, in fact, damage the health of many, and they contain crude mind control devices, formulated from a scientific field in its infancy called "nano technology." Again we cannot, and will not, advise you as to what you should or should not do in this situation. It is your sovereign choice. We are only reporting to you what we see and how we view the situation. Your economic problems are not over. Some elements of your economy have been stabilized by furtive actions made behind the closed doors of those who hold the reins of economic power. But the system is riddled with time bombs and the stress of increasing economic distress will add to the chaos. There are many other elements that will escalate as you approach what we have identified as chaotic nodes. But the main purpose of this communication is to present a pathway through the treacherous and dangerous transition that is now upon you. These are not times for the weak-hearted. These are times that call upon your greatest reserves of courage, insight, and intuition. Our words are intended for those who sense the truth of the hour. If what we say to you seems too far-fetched for your imagination, then there is no reason to continue reading. Our words are intended for those of you who know that the hour has come, that the need for true mastery has arrived, and despite whatever fears may dwell within your minds and hearts, you know that courage will rise within you, for all life depends upon your choices. As the fear increases through collective mind control, it is vital, indeed mandatory, that you transcend this; that you bypass the misinformation corridors that will be open to you everywhere you turn through the media, through social pressure, through possible governmental interactions and interventions. We have spoken in many previous communications about various means to accomplish this. We would refer you to previous messages about "Ecstasy and the Heart," the "Holon of Balance" and especially the "Holon of Ascension." See links below for these pages.) But these are techniques, inner technologies for the mind. They can and will assist you to transcend the mind control. But there are simpler methods we now wish to discuss. They are aspects of your very nature. This "secret of secrets" is quite simply that you are creator beings (both human and divine). This knowledge, as to your nature, has been purposefully hidden from you by your religions and some of your philosophies. These secrets are, of course, forbidden fruits, for were you to partake of them you would gain knowledge of your own divinity, even as you live in materiality. You would gain the knowledge that you are creating your future in this very moment and in every moment of your life: through your thoughts and your feelings, and by what you choose to think and feel about yourself and each other. The "secret of secrets" frees you from the imprisonment of human limitation. It frees you from the constraints of your time, place and circumstance. It does this by opening the doorway of your own mind, freeing it from the mental imprisonment projected onto you by those forces which would contain and manipulate human destiny, for their own selfish ends. The "Secret of Secrets" has four aspects. One is your ability to attain spiritual insight, or vision, i.e. to see through the lies that are being projected onto you. And to see the "right path," even in the greatest darkness. Two is your ability to feel. This is the core of the secrets. It is your greatest treasure, although it is also your greatest quandary. Those who wish to control and manipulate you know that freezing, or paralyzing, your ability to feel anything but the lower emotional spectrum will serve their end. The third aspect is your ability to speak your truth. For many of you the coming times will demand that you speak your truth clearly, even when it is diametrically opposed to those around you. And the fourth aspect is your ability to take action. These four aspects are rooted together and are the source of your freedom. Within the nature of your heart is your capacity to feel and this is the deepest secret of all. For this allows you to change your vibratory field and this is the key to transcending collective mind control. Although it sounds ridiculously simplistic, the essential truth of these secrets is what you call joy, appreciation and gratitude. Discover the things in your life, the situations, the people, your own thoughts and feelings, whatever gives you a reason for joy, appreciation and gratitude. Cultivate this like a precious garden in the midst of poisonous weeds, for then this garden will grow and give you sustenance. Paradoxically on many levels (not just emotionally and psychologically but spiritually and even physically) when the power of joy, appreciation or gratitude reaches a certain amplitude or strength, it can literally cause manifestations of physical reality. And so even in the darkest moments, if you hold the spiritual mastery to transcend fear and cultivate joy, appreciation and gratitude, unexpected auspicious moments and situations will present themselves to you. And, finally, we wish to be clear that these dark times can be your grandest hours. You hold within you the Secret of Secrets. Use them. Pass through the veil into the new world that awaits you. And may your path to this new dimension of being be strewn with auspicious blessings. The Hathors August 10, 2009 --------------------- http://www.davidicke.com/index.php/
  4. Kunlun follow up poll

    I FREAKIN' LOVE KUNLUN! I do maybe 30 mins - 45 mins a day on average, with about 30 mins standing practice during mornings, then some RP at night. I just look back at think "Wow." The practices Max has shared with me have made a HUGE impact in the way I see myself. KUNLUN FREAKIN' ROCKS! Chad and Taomeow, thank you for your insights. Yoda: A birdie just tweeted "BOOGAH BOOGAH BOOGAH!!!"
  5. Intention

    haha! thanks
  6. What is (romantic) love?

    Sounds like you don't remember what love is. You are referring to neediness. I agree, that feeling sucks. Love is the at the core of your being. If you peel away all the drama and BS you've convinced yourself is real, then you will know love.
  7. Yodisattva Vow

    Freeform I didn't know you were at the point where you can enjoy misery. I still take it too seriously. I also still take being to serious to seriously. I forgot that we can enjoy our "shitty" emotions as well... that it's a part of the fun as well. Maybe I should take the vow to see if I can enjoy misery. No offense Ian.
  8. What is (romantic) love?

    Love can never be contained in a theory, an explanation, or a why. It isn't definable. We can never figure out love. Sure, we can talk about love... but doesn't it feel better to experience it instead? I tried to figure out love a while ago. My head hurts just from thinking about those times.
  9. Can the Mass Media be an Energy Drain?

    Anything can be an energy drain... it depends of how you look at it.
  10. Intention

    Surrender... but I don't sit down formally to TRY to surrender anymore.