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Yoda just came up with an idea for a new subforum for running, since many of us seem to be drawn to running lately.


Here's the posts:

I was just thinking that there seems to be a critical mass of taobums that are interested in either getting into or gearing up on their running. It makes sense as it is a great cultivation practice in itself and a great adjunct practice. It seems like something we've all been drawn to at some point, even BobD is going to get started, and Matthewqi will hit that marathon soon.


We should have a runner's den in the taobum basement along with the off topic and technical issues boards. Training theories, mileage goals, injury preventation, fav shoes, which running tribe is the laziest, etc.


I'm wondering what to call it.


Racer's Edge

The Bum Rush

The Marathon Bums




Let's discuss this a bit. Personally at this point I think a whole subforum just for running seems a little too specific ... but I'm thinking it might be cool to have a subforum for the more physical/sport/body/flow centered practices that we all seem to enjoy so much.


I also figured this might be a good opportunity to re-evaluate the forum breakdown again. We've gone through several versions ... one of the early ones was broken down into like a bunch of subforums like:



___general discussion - random talk

___ranting and raving - extremely off-topic, potentially offensive material


tao yoga and alchemy

___general - tao related, but not easily categorized

___philosophy - intellectual discussion, ie: philosophical taoism, buddhism, etc.

___qi gong and meditation - energy, breath, stillness, and emptiness practices

___medicine - diet, nutrition, tcm, etc.

___physical practice - wushu, body-flow, strength training, yoga, etc.

___jing gong - sexual practice

___geomancy, divination and astrology - feng shui, i ching, macrocosm, etc.

___art - music, dance, painting, poetry

___magick - talismans, ritual, etc.

___other paths - buddhism, sufism, christianity, hinduism, judaism, islam, kabbalah, etc ...


SheepishLord's original suggested breakdown was pretty cool too:


general taoism

taoist alchemy

taoist sexuality

martial arts and physical training


rants and raves


So far though, the overall consensus I think keeps leaning toward simple is better. I think especially with the kind of work we are all doing here it's hard to draw strong categorical lines between any of the practices we engage in ..


Anyway ... thoughts?



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My initial thought on reading this post is that the more subforums there are the more compliccated and confusing the whole site becomes.....


But then again, I hit most of the posts through the View New Posts link so I suppose it wouldn't make too big a difference, as that would just find them all anyway.....


But then again, I would agree that many posts would cross several topics, so any set of categories might feel artificially imposed.


I just can't see the need at the moment to create too many subforums rather than just new topics in Off Topic, but (since this was a quickly dusted off reply before closing the PC down) I'll think on it and post again later.

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I was thinking that a board entitled Taoist Running/Zen Running or whatever could bring in some runners looking for cool angles on their craft.


Right now, there are pleasant pockets re: physical training going on in the main discussion board and especially in the personal practice discussion.


Maybe just do the dreaded 90 day test on the subject to see if it still exists before giving it some floorspace.



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too complicated. i dont see a need to separate sexulaity and alchemy in any case. i do like the ranting and raving provided it is clearly described as being unmoderated and that it is also stated that anything pornographic or flame-like be put here. if it isn't, it will be moved. it saves us from having to delete some juicy stuff and leave it up for thoswe who are interestedto enjoy. people deserve a place to speak freely without stepping on the more objective stuff. this wuld be disinguished from off-topic which can focus on what it does now (movies, music, conspiracy theory, etc.) in a civil fashion.

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