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  1. To me it makes little difference. As long as View New Posts finds everything I don't care where they are. For people new to the forum, it may be better to split things off, but then they wouldn't see the great mix of topics we get so clearly. Ditto. Its very nice indeed!
  2. What do you do?

    I'm in IT. Started after my degree (in Maths and Computing) in a new start up company producing the first cheap Desktop Publishing program. Left there about 10 years ago and been working in academia ever since, doing a bit of teaching and lots of technical stuff (databases, webpages, utility pograms etc)
  3. Try this!

    Root : under-active (-19%) Sacral: under-active (-38%) Navel: open (25%) Heart: open (19%) Throat: over-active (63%) Third Eye: under-active (0%) Crown: open (19%) I seem to be in the "Ought to shut up more" group!
  4. word

    Interesting posts neimad. I occasionally adopt similar approaches to my use of language (just managed to avoid saying that I occasionally try to adopt.... ) but normally fall short of being able to stick to it for any length of time. Let us know how you get on with this, and if you notice any differences in your day to day life as a result. I've seen Emoto's book a few times in shops recently (having read about him on line after watching What The Bleep, and reading The Field), Regardless of the criticisms levelled at his work, would you recomment this book?
  5. Penis Health and Better Erections

    From the same chap as Yoda's recent post, I have had a comment on this one: Even though this thread is quite old now, some of you may be interested in this.
  6. Thanks!

    Just to add my thoughts to this love-fest This site (the posts, the people, the links, the knowledge, ...) has been the greatest resource I have found over the last few years. Not only is it enjoyable hanging out here, but the number of tips, book recommendations etc that I have gathered (and the fortune I have spent at amazon!) is fantastic! So, thanks to all, and especially Sean
  7. Bill Bodri articles

    Hi Guys. Sorry to jump in on a discussion you (seem to) have been having for some time, but I have recently been getting into such things as The Holographic Universe and similar titles/themese. These seem to be describing very much a scientific approach/theory that matches the eastern philosophical thought quite closely. Or if not matches, then at least does not argue against as much as traditional science. It doesnt tie in exactly with your point Sean, but just thought I'd throw it out there anyway!
  8. Lifeboat ethics

    Wow, seriously difficult question! I've been trying to think what I would do and have been unable to come up with anything more than a somewhat wishy-washy "let the group try to decide" answer. Partly because I dont think I would be able to enforce any decision that I made anyway (I dont have too much faith in my own authority, and even less in my physical stature/ability!) Partly because I very much agree that you really cannot judge someone to the extent that a decision like this requires without knowing them a whole lot more that you possibly could under these circumstances Partly because it is only through an open discussion with everyone that you might discover ideas or other talents that might enable you to save more that the alloted 7 and of course partly because it is much easier to get others to make the decision that have to forever burden myself wth the guilt! Not only can there be no right or real answer to this one, I dont think that there can be a real approach to follow either. The thought processes and eventual decision will be so different for different sets of people in the boat that nothing other than a "play it by ear at the time" route would seem to work. You just have to know so much more about each person than you possibly could given the information we have. Of course, if I really was in such a life and death situation (and I never have been) then it is entirely possible that all logical thinking process would jump overboard, and I would just attempt to throw everyone else off in a mad panic! A very poor answer on my part, but since there isnt a good one, I dont feel too bad about it
  9. Happy B Day Yael!!!

    Here's number 3! Happy Birthday!
  10. Happy B Day Sean!!!

    Its the big 4-0 for me next year! Yikes!! 30 is nothing (though I seem to recall at the time it was )
  11. Happy B Day Sean!!!

    Probably too late, but have a good day Sean!
  12. Shamanic Tiger Qi Gong

    Got any links to the book or dvd for us to check out?
  13. newsflash

    Congratulations hagar! Hope you've been getting lots of sleep in recently, as I imagine you'll be getting less from now on!
  14. what the bleep do we know?

    Hadn't come across anything that exposes her as a fraud as such. Have you got a web reference to that? Well, I gues its based on my understanding (possibly wrong) that they were saying that because of the superposition stuff (the wave/particle principle, and how the outcome is affected by the observer) that the observer can dictate their reality due to some quantum mechanics kind of multiplied up to the larger scale. "If the observer can affect things on such a small scale, then imagine what the impact of the observer could be on the bigger material scale" kind of thing. Whereas (as I understand it) the whole point of QM is that those effects only appear at the really, really small end of the spectrum, and dont/cant apply to the world that we all see. Now, the film does also say that because of chemical dependencies we all crave the kind of situations that we have become addicted to, and so, Eckhart Tolle Pain Body style, we seek, interpret, create situations that meet our needs. And that the observers point of view is entirely localised and unique for that observer. And so what we all see is unique to us and in that sense we all create our reality. I'm not saying that we cant also affect our reality (and others) in a more "real" way, but that the film did seem to suggest that we can do it because we can determine/affect/choose which of the possible superpositions a particle "actually" has, which we cant (well, not according to QM anyway) But the film was good and was useful in that, as you said, it raises awareness of other ways of thinking, and of how we can affect our own lives directly.