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Lotus Pose 101

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I watched the vid while in a full-lotus pose more severe than any of the ones shown. I've never tried to do any of those other poses except the one where she lifts her body off the floor. The "hero" pose was pretty hot when she was on her back.


Then I clicked on the top video listed in the link box - "hot girl yoga" or something like that. That caused me to do a pose that is not possible for the woman doing full lotus.


Now my left foot is numb down to the core and soon it will come back to normal and I can go out of the full-lotus. Meanwhile my neck is clicking, my adam apple pulsating. Anyone watching me would see my head bouncing a bit to the energy going up to the brain and going out through the pineal gland.


PUmp, pump, pump, about once a second.





OK well my foots still numb at that was about 15 counts of nine. I usually count in cycles of nine as that's the number of growth.


The whole time my adam's apple was pulsating as it is now, only it's getting stronger, my neck is cracking and the back of my skull is opening up from tension.....


I can feel lots of pressure in my nose and gums as they leach impurities -- and also the back of my eyes as the energy flows out my eyes.


There the feeling just came back to my left foot, I'm wiggling it now -- it's nice and warm. I'm stretching the back of my shoulders. The energy is pumping up again, the adam's apple is pulsating and the second cycle is starting.


Now if there had been a female in the vicinity (I'm not out of full-lotus before the second cycle -- or second climax) -- the energy would have flowed out much faster (but instead I just relied on that first climax from the "hot female yoga" video).


And so the energy flows -- big internal smile (the smile of the pineal gland).

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