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  1. Are planets chakras?

    Yes they are in the body of the solar logos
  2. This is the great teache that brought these teachings to the USA
  3. Sorry that one won't work Try this one
  4. This is my teacher Master Co these exercises are powerful and I highly recommend them
  5. The Power of F*ck It

    I have his books they very good
  6. I love GOT so far only learned the first 3 so far the third is tough Thanks again
  7. Just got GOT 1-2 today I must say Master Lomax is my kind of chi Kung Master down to earth and even sings Rock and roll Very cool so far I will learn the first 3 first ..having a little trouble with exercise number 3 but will have it by tomorrow night.. Love how it all just flows together ...very smooth
  8. Wudang Neigong

    Not getting it I'm very happy With Master Lomax Gift of Tao and Stillness Movement
  9. Wudang Neigong

    I stumbled on this today researching Neigong Has anyone seen this or have the DVD...seems a little like network marketing almost...
  10. Hey everyone I should be getting my DVDs this week Can anyone that works this system please share what they have gained and exp doing this long term? Also how do you work both the Stillness and the moving form together ? I am enjoying the stillness meditation lots of movement and heat and shaking... I can feel thickness and magnetic feeling with some slight heat in my Dan Tian area today . Thanks for any insights and updates you all can share. Peace Jedi777
  11. In my humble opinion you are seeing your blue pearl which is located where the pineal gland is in the brain. Good on you Try putting your awareness in your pineal and just look and be aware...