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  1. What are you listening to?

    How appropriate...
  2. Vibrating during meditation

    Never heard of rabbit way or engineering meditation, sounds Interesting to look up, I'm just following practices passed on to me. But i often advance of natural tAlent and having done other metaphysical work. People say I'm taking shorts cuts or somehow cheating, but it's not. An it's just interesting experiences i keep having, an now describing it to make sure I'm not screwing myself up..that chin tilt though helped, then I did feel vibrating in other parts of the body so I tried to relax an chill. I mean I quit doing that Golden Flower Meditation cause it attracted spirits to me like a magnet, an stuff began to move around whenever i practiced it. I wasn't interested in telekinesis and had stopped practicing it, so I stopped the gfm whether thats something it was intended to do or not the guy teaching me never would answer just told me to keep at it which I did til long after we quit discussing things. The hair I find is because I so practiced brujeria an people were jealous and wanted my abilities, therefore enemies, they project negativity an hex it can manifest as hair or other items, when you are identifying it and removing it or at least how we practice it. If there's enough of us, we can even pool our power and bring the witches hex items to us. Heck configured id address the stuff that happens, cause people seem to find it impossible and call me nuts or question my mental balance. About The dead skin, it has washed away an my hand was all tingly and hot, there was no focus whatsoever on that hand except in Reiki. Now thinking bout it coulda been what my reiki teacher called splashbacks, part of whatever your healing kinda splashes onto you. I don't know. I do some taiji ball practice an my left hand gets hot a lot. I've attributed it to a better flow of energy. But the dead skin thing is new an happened after it vibrated an I didn't think about it til I woke up an was doing hygiene stuff an saw left handbags flakes of dead skin an my right hand didn't. It wasn't a crAzy amount, but it was something I found odd because of the vibration thing. My hand is smooth now and for all intents an purposes I haven't noticed much of a difference. I appreciate your concern for the mental health, but no I'm not a crazy. An as for eating habits, I eat to survive like the rest of us here. I do what I can to keep it healthy on my budget. So if you've got other suggestions, id appreciate it. The world we live in is magical and weird, but we gotta drop expectations an be willing to see it for what it is, or else we might end up chasing it our who lives an when it shows its to us, we wont see it or it'll frighten the loss outta us, or we might try to pretend it's not real to protect our view of the world. Here's the story: Yeh Kung-tzu was a man who loved dragons. He studied dragon lore and decorated his home with paintings and statues of dragons. He would talk on and on about dragons to anyone who would listen. One day a dragon heard about Yeh Kung-tzu and thought, how lovely that this man appreciates us. It would surely make him happy to meet a true dragon. The kindly dragon flew to Yeh Kung-tzu's house and went inside, to find Yeh Kung-tzu asleep. Then Yeh Kung-tzu woke up and saw the dragon coiled by his bed, its scales and teeth glittering in the moonlight. And Yeh Kung-tzu screamed in terror. Before the dragon could introduce himself, Yeh Kung-tzu grabbed a sword and lunged at the dragon. The dragon flew away. Many generations of Chan and Zen teachers, including Dogen, have mentioned the true dragon story in their teachings. For example, Dogen wrote in Funkanzazengi, "I beseech you, noble friends in learning through experience, do not become so accustomed to images that you are dismayed by the true dragon."
  3. What are you listening to?

    R.I.P. to Bernic David Flora the 3rd, a personal friend dedicate this song to you Texas Guru thank you for showing me the sense in life.
  4. Vibrating during meditation

    The dipping chin an straightening the back of neck worked to alleviate some of it. I began vibrating in my hands and this morning I had dead skin allover my hand that vibrated, it was my left one. I use meditation in various ways, for my general purposes it's to allow the emergence of the truest self by allowing blockages as you said to fall away, however im encouraged to look at the cause of the blockage so as to learn from it and not repeat it. I look at the blockage, recognise it, an allow it to unravel an give information in the form of mental impressions, feelings, etc as k observe from meditative detachment. I'm not perfect at it though lol an end up sometimes with experiences like the vibrations or coughing up something I couldn't have swallowed (hair thafs different color and length from mine, an I prepare my own food so its just weird an usually resulted because of a witchcraft based attack) or some other weirdness. I think you're onto something, my social life has been heating up more. I usually sit in vocal silence for days or weeks at a time but recently I've been helping others more and there's a mark increase in my willfullness and spiritual sense. So maybe it is a chakra opening situation. Thank you Jeff. Good suggestion. Part of my practice involves stretching beforehand and afterwards, but I would appreciate if you can share some of your stretching maneuvers because maybe they are better. Mine come from my teacher but I rarely see him and I'm still learning to get them down properly in the order I was taught. It's almost like a form. My teacher who taught me this way has passed on, an I can not seem to reach him by calling on his spirit yet so I'm kinda just doing what I can. But good advice, if you look.under my reply to Kar3n an have an idea of what that type of meditation is called I'd be very interested because my teacher didn't care to tell me the names of some things just how to do them. I haven't had a popping sound this time around, though once I did have a popping in my forehead area an a burning there. It affected my abilities to a degree, they came back stronger after that. My teacher at the time said not to worry bout it, an until you mentioned that i forgot bout it. I'd ask my teacher but theyve passed on. what would that mean a pop, burning feeling, an abilities dampen then return stronger? Just to say, Thank you to everyone for your answers. I feel fortunate to have all you experts assisting in my personal growth.
  5. I was meditating and felt a rough part in myself that was like what I considered a blockage to feel like. So I focused on it, an let it show itself to me, but I started to vibrate or feel like I'm vibrating. I'm interested in knowing what others might know of whatever this is. It does feel like it's releasing a refined energy that goes upward an follows the ren dui mai microcosmic orbit. It's in the back of neck area where head and neck connect. Thanks
  6. Porn

    I agree to disagree.
  7. Goodbye

    Two monks were arguing while watching a flag flapping in the wind."The flag is moving," argued one monk."No, it's the wind that is moving!" insisted the other monk.Huineng was passing by, and remarked, "It's your minds that are moving." sourced from http://newbuddhist.com/discussion/22177/the-wind-and-the-flag-a-koan-discussion
  8. Porn

    Again, mainstream pornography, an lots of amateur pornography are just people trying to make money an sometimes begrudgingly still willingly get into the business. Human sex slave trafficking an child exploitation is a very real situation , like I said Monsters. I had an exgirlfriend and a close friend who experienced human sex trafficking, both were abducted an put to work here in the United States. But that was not mainstream pornography, those people do sell personal tapes of their sessions an of the victims other sessions but do t put it out there for fear of legal repercussions or retaliation from the sex traffickers. People like to lump mainstream pornography and the human sex trafficking situation together as a way to cling to older moralistic views of how the world should be. It is what it is, but they are two separate things. But this is kinda like that loan, people are going to interpret things how they feel an use facts from one side or another to prove their position. Two monks were arguing while watching a flag flapping in the wind."The flag is moving," argued one monk."No, it's the wind that is moving!" insisted the other monk.Huineng was passing by, and remarked, "It's your minds that are moving." so there's no point in my continuing on bout if pornography is the devil or not. If you cultivate an have limitations on your sexual activity, that's cool. If you use pornography for entertainment that's cool, as long as you aren't a perverse monster looking at babies like some monsters, or sex traffickers, then if you are - just kill yourself, I vAlue almost all life but yours isn't worth a Damn. Might be unenlightened an people might agree or disagree, but that's my personal perspective an I hear the facts someone guesstimated but I know the reality too. The scarey part is most human trafficking an perverts are unreported, but people think going after pornography actors is going to change that. If there was no pornography, like in the older days, there'd be lots more crimes because pornography helps people fantasize an not actually do things. So the would be monsters out there can look at legal aged pornography, an stay away from hurting Innocent human beings. course that's my personal theory. People like quoting facts an statistics, but dont have ideas of the reality.
  9. Porn

    Most of them aren't victims but willfull participates, nowadays people make pornography at home an put it online nor send it to websites. It's not a big deal like it used to be, though strange enough energetically there seems to be an exchange . But yea, for the most part, porn is like an adult toy - not good or evil, it has an inherent purpose that some agree with and others disagree. The beauty though is, you have to seek it out so if you're against it, it won't just show up. Speaking to the illegal stuff, There's the underground stuff that the monsters look at, an in that yes you're right, the people are all victims. Your views on the subject are interesting though Steve, I hope I cleared up misconceptions though. (I did camera work on 2 porn films, so I know from the inside what its like). An yes some people complain about their porn jobs, but they could easily be a waitress an instead are choosing pornwork. The only victims I see are fluffers, but even they agree to the job. No one is forced to do anything. That's rumours that's been around for a long time, an comes from people being embarrassed saying "the only way I can make money is pornography" to explain away why they worked there at a time when society was less comfortable with pornography. It's a personal choice. It's there use it, but don't abuse.