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  1. Jeff Primack

    This is quite right and happens to be very valueable information. Edward Griffin does not advocate excessive dosing, but his research is spot on. Proof positive. For those interested in a full look at the subject matter regarding Edward Griffin. Check here.

    Scroll down and have a look around.
  5. Warning! (In a good way) You are going to laugh, and I do mean hard. NSFW ( but seriously worth it ) Enjoy!
  6. This makes for very interesting reading.

    Great vids on youtube.
  8. Jedi777, You're well meaning, but the information you provided is quite wrong. Digestive Tract. Myths And Truths. The Blood Moon. Real History. Weston.A.Price Weston.A.Price Taobums Archive.
  9. Best lesson of 2008 (which is applicable to all)

    He who loses control, loses. Kindness is its own reward.
  10. Pomaia Buddhist monastery in flame

    Thats really rough. Especially considering that it was a place of Sanctuary for you. Hopefully it will be rebuilt. The pictures at the website you posted are really lovely. When things get back to normal, I hope that tender bruise you are unfortunetly feeling will disappear, and you'll feel right as rain. Take care.
  11. Gum disease

    In as little as a few days to a week, you'll notice your gums and teeth will be much stronger. (You will notice it, there will be a profound difference. Quite remarkable ) (You'll also notice overall improved health: skin, hair, immune system.) Brush your teeth with this. Also, check here. (Scroll down to Lighttime.) Drew, the guy who invented the 60's (literally) eats like you do and has for 47 years. Body Odor... Easy fix. Archive reference. (Scroll down to Lighttime)
  12. Gum disease

    Vitamin C ...2 Grams a day ( up to 18 Grams a day, or bowel tolerance) Your teeth will feel like solid steel (you can chew ice cubes) and your gums will be bright, healthy, and pink.
  13. New Interview with Chang's Student

    It's very kind of Jim to share his experience studying Mo Pai. Hopefully he'll share more in the future. Great find, Drew. Thanks for posting. Take care.
  14. eating for qi

    Lighttime post Sep 3 2008, 03:54 PM Post #15 Tao Wizard **** Group: The Tao Bums Posts: 94 Joined: 1-June 08 Member No.: 13,186 QUOTE(Trucker @ Aug 11 2008, 10:44 PM) * Does anyone know exactly what kind of foods the ancient daoist would have eaten when undertaking a no grain diet? I know they only ate fruits and vegtables, but what kind. Also would they have eaten soy beans and green beans. I know most other beans and mucus forming foods would have been a no no. Can someone please shine some light on this for me. Thanks all for your time and I look foward to hearing from you all.;x=0&y=0
  15. james mcneil

    Little Nine Heaven is very interesting. I'd like to learn more as well.;sk=t&sd=a