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The power of mudra

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Almighty God has given us several tools to bring us into union with the Divine Energy:
1) Body methods (including asanas, bandhas, mudras),
2) Breathing methods (including pranayama & mantras), and
3) Mind methods (including dharana, dhyana, samadhi).

All traditions, all religions and all spiritual practices use a mix of the 3 above categories.

Under the body method we have mudras. Different hand gestures or "seals" which command the pranshakti (life force energy or qi) to circulate in a particular manner.

Simply by putting your body in a specific position (standing, sitting or lying) and employing a particular mudra, you can command your pranshakti (or qi) to circulate in particular manner.

I have been experimenting with all kinds of cultivation methods (body, breath and mind methods - from hindu, sufi, daoist, buddhist, christian, muslim and many more traditions), and I can personally vouch for the power of mudras.

Christians pray using a mudra (hands clasped, fingers interlocked). Muslims and sufis pray using a mudra (open hands towards the sky). Hindus and Buddhists pray using a mudra (their palms joined together).

I recently stumbled upon this wonderful online list of 50 different hindu mudras!

You can check it out. If you want to experiment with mudras to:
1) gain peace of mind (shunya mudra),
2) circulate your pran (prana mudra),
3) attract more wealth (Kubera mudra),
4) become fearless (abhaya mudra),
5) heal your entire head from headache, congestion, eye strain or any other problem (mahasirs mudra),
6) or any other issue, you should give these mudras a go :D

Just sit for 5-15 minutes every day for a week, and you can see for yourself what works for you. 

Trust nobody ;) experiment and see for yourself :D

God bless you!


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