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Hello, has anyone heard about the Zeal chakra?

It's also called the alta major. 

I believe it's an important chakra. I've been doing some bodywork lately; and couldn't help but wonder why it kept tightening up: around the Zeal chakra.

Whenever I tried to relax, I couldn't.

No matter how much I tried my back neck kept activating, now; I'm not saying it's that tight.

But still tight enough that I would notice.

Like to the degree of a small mosquito bite.


I've come across this picture that I thought was interesting, because it showed a relationship between the back of neck muscles and the eyes, and on looking at this photo I realized, that I always moved my eyes upwards and that would tighten those muscles up.

And if I relaxed my eyes, then it wouldn't feel as tight.

What do you think about this?


It's almost as if the eyes acted as a lever for a trap door that exists at the base of the skull.

Thus my interest in the alta major. 

What do you think of this?

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Alta Major can be associated to the carotid gland, further in towards the centerline. Perhaps not a 1-to-1 equivalence with the Zeal point, which appears to be congruent with the GV 17 meridian point, but must certainly be some connection. Similar to how sensation around the CV 6 point is often mislabeled as the LDT itself.


Cool thing about Alta Major, it is said to rotate up the back and down the front. Like in this picture if the wings are out by your ears, then the wheel goes round the same axis as if you were to nod "yes." This energy area is another possible interpretation of the very long earlobes on the Buddha statue.



Combining this with the upward facing Sahasrara Chakra, and the forward facing Ajna Chakra, we get rotation around all three axes at 90 degrees to each other. The area where they all intersect is the true Eye giving connection to higher dimensions.



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