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  1. Hi, I am making a catalogue of AUTHENTIC Buddhist quotes for as a project. I am looking for ones that capture the essence of Buddhist teaching no matter if it is Zen, Theravada, Mahayana, Vajrayana. And of course I need the source please. Please see below for an example of the type of quotes I am looking for:
  2. Resources

    This is a link to what is probably the most in-depth translation of the Dao De Jing done yet:
  3. Translators of the TTC

    This is a link the probably the most in-depth translation of the DDJ done thus far (its the whole DDJ too and for free):
  4. This is probably the most in-depth translation of the DDJ to date:
  5. Favorite Quotes from Buddha.

    Many authentic quotes can be found in Stephen Bachtlors After Buddhism as well as being an important read.
  6. Zeal Chakra

    Originally the were 4 cakras one probably needs to be careful to focus on others.
  7. Staying in a buddhist monastery?

    Look up Ajahn Acahs monasteries this could give a great real life experience and would be very cheap. S
  8. Buddha's Biography

    I reckon After Buddhism by Stephen Batchelor is best because it makes nothing up and has no bias.
  9. I hate to bring this paper up again in a different thread but it really answers your question:
  10. I just created a similar post to this. This paper kind of answers what you are asking:
  11. This paper basically states that Daoism and Yijing comes from Indo--Europeans. Is this even possible? Can this be true?[1]=
  12. For those of you well experienced in Buddhism and the other arts. I'd like to open a discussion about the differences between the systems. What similarities have people noticed and what differences. This paper gives some examples - Daoyin is mentioned as being the same as pranayama for example or that Hatha Yoga came from Buddhism. Would you agree?[1]=
  13. Hello

    Hi, New to forum, have many questions...