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Moving house, space clearing

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1 hour ago, silent thunder said:

Figured I'd share a description of my clearing of our last place if anyone's interested. 

Short version is, using music, chanting (myself and recorded) and then a thorough sage smudge and while 'singing the bowl' with the intention to begin occupying and honoring what has passed.

More detailed version follows.


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Before we moved into our current digs, I spent an afternoon and night there alone in the empty place with a stereo, some sage, a tibetan singing bowl (7 metal alloy) and a red tailed hawk's feather (totem animal and a gift from a hawk I befriended years prior).  In the afternoon, I began playing music (A-tuned to 432Hz) and spent the late afternoon cleaning and washing while the music played, setting intention and imagining my young son and wife in the space and all our good living to come.  I also acknowledged those who came before and those who will follow, setting the intention to be a good steward to the forms that would be our home for some time.


It had been freshly renovated so there was still some light construction dust, but otherwise the place was clean and already felt ready for us.   Which had stood out when we viewed it and was a big part of our choice to go with it.


After cleaning I went around and opened every internal door, pulled out all the drawyers, opened every closet and cabinet door in the entire place. 


Then I closed all the external doors and windows sealing the place up and began a thorough chanting and walk through.  I began singing the bowl while walking through chanting a mantra shared with me years before by a monk, circling the outer perimeter of the footprint of the place 9 times, then I spent as much time in the center of each room until the internal signaled all clear and moved on.


Once finished singing the place, I disabled all the smoke alarms (learned that lesson in our previous place), lit the sage smudge, grabbed the Hawk feather and began a thorough smudging, using the feather to work the smoke into every corner and crevice, nook and cranny of all empty space. 


Once saturated in smoke I settled in the center of the house and remained there until my internal signal said 'all clear'.


Last step was opening every external door and window as wide as it would and enjoying a light meal with some music.  While the ocean pushed new energy through the place.  Some time in the early hours I woke after dozing for a time and closed the front door, leaving the windows open until we returned to start moving in.


Very cool :) ,

a house is sort of like a member of the family.  Glad you gave it a good welcoming birth.

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Yea, we're blessed to still be here 12 years on and thriving.  It's the longest stint we've had in one place by far.  Our previous 20 years together were very nomadic.

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On 10/10/2021 at 4:57 AM, Dreamwalker said:

Haha I wish I knew the more badass talismans like that. Too bad my master only taught me the tame stuff like healing, exorcism, feng shui, luck, and clearing negative energy.


Yeah now that you mention it, I wouldn’t give some random guy on a forum a pic of my house either. Just ignore my last post, got a lil excited to experiment. 😅


Burning sage should do the job just fine.


(Funny thing… one of the talismans I learned is for protection from storms)


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