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I've been following the travails of "The Martial Man", Keiren (I believe his last name is Krieger) since 2017. I must admit I truly appreciate the efforts this man has taken to seek out and interview so many great martial arts teachers. 


I hadn't logged on to the website in a while and when I did get there today, I find a very fascinating array of videos there dealing with Taijiquan, Wumei, 5 Ancestors Fist etc. I would say that it is a great resource for all bums who are interested in Martial Arts, and especially the Internal Martial Arts -- there's stuff one can learn from the videos too, but in general, from an informational perspective it is a great resource. 


Happy Holidays all..I thought I'd plug the website here. I'm not affiliated with it in any way except as a member who contributes a minuscule monthly payment (2.99$), and frankly gets significantly more return on this humble contribution. :)


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