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Found 4 results

  1. I've been following one YouTube channel named "Karate TV" ( -- its run by a family of martial artists -- the young man is an excellent martial artist and his teacher is his father. The Father is a Karate and Kalari Payyatu exponent from it's native Kerala, and they share very many interesting traditional Indian workout methods and interview Kalari teachers on their programs. He does the program in "Hingish" *Hindi and English mixed*, though he speaks in English for the most part. Thought some of you bums might be interested in watching these. Here's the first part of a multi-part series they're doing on a 700 year old Kalari (Traditional Indian Martial Arts temple) --
  2. The Martial Man

    I've been following the travails of "The Martial Man", Keiren (I believe his last name is Krieger) since 2017. I must admit I truly appreciate the efforts this man has taken to seek out and interview so many great martial arts teachers. I hadn't logged on to the website in a while and when I did get there today, I find a very fascinating array of videos there dealing with Taijiquan, Wumei, 5 Ancestors Fist etc. I would say that it is a great resource for all bums who are interested in Martial Arts, and especially the Internal Martial Arts -- there's stuff one can learn from the videos too, but in general, from an informational perspective it is a great resource. Happy Holidays all..I thought I'd plug the website here. I'm not affiliated with it in any way except as a member who contributes a minuscule monthly payment (2.99$), and frankly gets significantly more return on this humble contribution.
  3. Sanchin breathing kata

    I'm blessed to have 2 dedicated & knowledgable karate teachers. one (SJ) primarily teaches us fighting. the other (SM) teaches us katas, tai chi & chi Kung (mostly katas, tho) as a traditional Goju-ryu stylist, he's asked us to get deep in "Sanchin breathing kata"(SBK). its a walking hard chi Kung form. SBK uses sanchin stance/slow movement/posture/abdominal breathing/opening the microcosmic orbit. i ask SM a lot of questions, study sanchin info online & study Taoist meditation books/sites/vids (mantak chia/dr yang). SM also instructs us in sitting and standing eight pieces of brocade chi Kung. i believe this is is to build our chi to move in daily life, during SBK & god forbid, if we have to defend ourselves. i'm wondering if any one on here has any experience w/Sanchin & it's benefits.