Question on the dantians

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On 2020-07-09 at 3:35 PM, forestofemptiness said:

What I said is I don't see the Elixer development FF mentioned in the Buddhist schools I am familiar with. Of course, I am not familiar with every Buddhist school, and there are many, but I would be surprised.  By all means, surprise me everyone!

Anyone who is a part of such a tradition might be reluctant to name it on a forum. 



What I did not say was that there is no energy development. Yes, some Buddhists and and do work with energy but it is a means and not an end. The end, as set forth but the Buddha, is the end of suffering through the end of clinging. Buddhism without the Four Noble truths and the four dharma seals is not Buddhism, IMO. 

Absolutely not. But sometimes a tradition keep a name although the content is something else. 

Like a vegetarian meatball. 



Nearly every Buddhist school claims that their tradition is secret, traces back to the Buddha, is the original/highest/best method, contains methods others don't know about, etc. Like with all conceptual expressions, it is a story.

Yes, I agree. 

And a couple of generations down, it becomes (truth) legend. 

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