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Coronavirus is Created by Lower Worlds Dark Sorcerers

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2 minutes ago, SirPalomides said:

Or keeping it with a Yellow Peril theme...


Image result for fu manchu obey

Ha! I posted just before seeing this as the thread updated! We must be on to something! The yellow peril of dark sorcerers are Asian men while Headache loves Asian women!

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3 hours ago, ralis said:

I predicted Heartbreaker would come up with a new thread for entertainment purposes. His comment is a quote from the web site, complete with typos.



He ran out of things to say so  now ( or always was  ;) )   just randomly copying and pasting things here . 

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3 hours ago, Heartbreak said:

The reason why I posted that link is not really to advertise any products or services but to highlight the truths of the real spiritual other-dimensional reality behind our illusionary samsaric reality.


Judging by what you say, I think you know there is an element of truth to my words.


How would my head explode if I know “their” actual plans?


I know and appreciate that some in here are protecting me from becoming another statistic but I need more information on what’s going on so I can know the hidden plot behind the machinations about what’s going on in the world today.


If I know what is going on, I can help the humans who have been protecting me since I stumbled across the Dao Bums to win our war against the forces of darkness.


CT, I did send you a PM but you did not reply.


 Persevere Grasshopper  - you are getting close to the REAL internal secret of DaoBums .   


Next you need to make the special talisman, then place it in a small box and bury it in your back yard  - soon one of our underground agents will contact you .  .



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Posted (edited)

Just a grain of salt ... @Heartbreak if you really were unto the true dark forces ... do you think they would let you roam free?

... wait ... if i were one i would do this ... but i would give you a weapon and a list of potential dark sorcerers ...

hmm how do you correlate to blades?

as for the list ... anyone else some ideas?... my name can be put on it but somewhere on the end pls i like to be the last


sarcasm off:

Pls look into the story with the little girl that cried wolf... 

and as far as going for spiritual practice lineage plays a big role ... but even tough Earls reading concerning self initiation is somehow conclusive, as the question itself is open for interpretation, i believe there is a way, but it has to be paved with patience, step by step. Not following the instructions of books, but using them as reference for self contemplation. 

Then again im not seeing myself as initiated or self initiated, but as a seeker of a viable path. 

A wooden hut build on muddy ground will fall for sure


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