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A returned member from exile

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Hello, everyone:
I was a long time member here,  AKA Chidragon. Now, I am returning back to the Thedaobums community; and hope things will be better in a Taoist atmosphere! Thank you very much!

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Word to the wise: 


ReturnDragon aka "ChiDragon" was very active on this site until 2014.


He disappeared in disgrace (I don't know if he was banned or simply had enough good sense to disappear) due to the following:


In November 2013 ChiDragon shouted the following in all-caps: 


On 11/13/2013 at 3:08 AM, ChiDragon said:

Xing Ming(性命) means life. I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF XING GONG(性功) OR MING GONG(命功) in any Chinese Classics.


This statement made it clear that ChiDragon, who is semi-bilingual and positions himself on this forum as a font of Daoist knowledge, had obviously never made a serious reading of readily available Daoist writings, and clearly could not have received any sort of oral education in Daoism.


For those who are new to these things, here is an analogy: not having heard of xing and ming practice in Daoism is a bit like not having heard of a concept like "communion" in Catholicism or "kosher" in Judaism. These concepts are utterly fundamental and they are widely known to people with only a cursory knowledge of Daoism. If a man who wanted to teach you about Catholicism yelled in all caps "I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF COMMUNION IN ANY CATHOLIC TEACHINGS" would you believe anything else he had to say? If the answer is that you would, well, then ChiDragon has many lies that he would love to pour into your ears.


Anyway, there is a story to see here. Please note that the above exclamation was made by ChiDragon in on November 13, 2013.


Not even two months later, January 2, 2014, ChiDragon wrote the following post (bold added by me):


On 1/2/2014 at 2:05 AM, ChiDragon said:

Hello NotVoid,
I do respect your own personal beliefs. I do have absolute facts in regards to Taoist beliefs. Have you heard of the Dual Cultivation of Xing and Ming Kung? There are two sides to Taoism, one is philosophical and the other is spiritual. 


Somehow ChiDragon went from yelling about the nonexistence of this subject to acting as its representative in just seven weeks. This was merely the start of a worsening trend, probably one predicated by untreated mental illness. I feel pity for ill individuals who need treatment, but I do not think pity requires we be politely silent and watch disasters unfold (especially if that means watching the a disaster repeat itself). This disaster of lying-mixed-with-false-spiritual-teachings continued to unfold on January 2, 2014, when ChiDragon suddenly began presenting himself as a representative of Quanzhen Daoist (全真道, often called "Complete Reality Daoism") teachings. He wrote the following:


On 1/2/2014 at 7:28 AM, ChiDragon said:

Well, I only hold to the standard practice of the QuanZhen Tao but not other Taoist beliefs. It is more than just associated with internal alchemy traditions. Perhaps read this, with your own discretion, and see does it alter your thinking in anyway. :)



"DCXM" is an acronym that ChiDragon invented during this time period. It stands for "Dual Cultivation of Xing and Ming." Recall that two months prior he had "NEVER HEARD OF XING GONG OR MING GONG in any Chinese Classics."


Now he was teaching it.


The next day, January 3, 2014, he wrote (bold text again is my addition):


On 1/3/2014 at 12:38 AM, ChiDragon said:

I am practicing the DCXM which require me to follow the principles of the Quanzhen Tao. One of the requirement is to isolate the facts from the fallacies and opinions. What I am putting out here are not my personal opinions but from the high standards of the Quanzhen Tao. Some of the people were against me was because they only thought it was some translation from some fancy Chinese words without basis. I saw those who had accused me of putting lots of craps which only their personal opinions. Thus I haven't seen any merits in their presentations which are so convincing in any way. Most of time, I only see statements to say what is not rather than what it is. However, due to my present practice in DCXM, I have great tolerance for this kind of activities. ;):):D


Obviously, there is no way that ChiDragon could go from "I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF XING OR MING" to "following the principles of the Quanzhen Dao" in a mere seven weeks. At the time, if I recall correctly, he did not even live in China, but somewhere in the suburban or rural United States. Even if you lived on Mt. Wudang or Mt. Qincheng, you would likely not be able to find a qualified teacher who was willing to transmit introductory xing-ming cultivation instructions to you within seven weeks of meeting you, and you would not be able to tell if this teacher had given you genuine instructions or not in such a short amount of time. ChiDragon most certainly had not spent seven weeks wandering from temple to temple in the mountains of China. He had, at best, done some clicking around Baidu, before inventing his own "practice," stealing Daoist terminology, and inventing an acronym for it. 


So, when exactly did ChiDragon come up with the lie that is "DCXM?" 


It turns out he did that on November 21, 2013. That is, to be exact, not seven weeks but eight days after screaming "I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF XING OR MING."








On November 21, ChiDragon created a new thread entitled "Taoist Important Thoughts and Canon." In this post he literally copy-pasted blocks of text from Baidubaike, which is the online encyclopedia portion of the Chinese search engine, Baidu. 


It was only another week before ChiDragon began offering advise about cultivation in his thread. It started with: 


On 11/25/2013 at 8:57 PM, ChiDragon said:

Hopefully, by the time I am done with this thread, everyone will know what a Taoist or a True person is. Then, everyone will know how to cultivate to be a True Person. Btw Please keep in mind a True Person is different from a Perfect Man! However, I have to advice everybody must abide by the definitions of esoteric Taoist Terms, in order, to become a Taoist.


Egged along by some too-easily-impressed-by-a-bit-of-Chinese board members, ChiDragon continued his descent into megalomania. By November 27, 2013, somehow he had magically developed enough expertise to begin offering a detailed roadmap of what "DCXM" practice involves. He wrote:


On 11/27/2013 at 2:45 AM, ChiDragon said:

The Dual Cultivation of Xing and Ming should be performed sequentially in a progressive manner; from low level to high, and from shallow to profound. The Neidan-ist had spoken of the "beginning level, middle, and advanced"......................................................Whatever it was, form purifying the spiritual heart, elevated to the next realm, regulating the chi-blood, or the enhancement of the quality of the body, it cannot be done in a second, it needs lots of endurance to practice diligently. It is a long term project which needs continuance of body sensation and mental intuition to progress into the realm of refinement. Of course, there are some hardships but it has to be acquired naturally, not forcefully.


Just a month after not knowing what the words xing and ming mean, by December 11, 2013, ChiDragon had lost totally touch with reality, making statements about what an enlightened mind thinks, implying he personally understands these things. This is, speaking plainly, delusional false enlightenment psychosis. The reason I am making this post is to make sure this record stands right alongside the new offerings of "ReturnDragon." Newcomers, it would be extremely dangerous for you to follow the "Daoist" teachings of a mentally ill person like ChiDragon. It is, certainly, a tragedy that he is insane, and I would be overjoyed if he had a massive turn of fortune in this life that allows him to return to sanity. However, since that has not happened yet and he is back again giving out terrible qigong and neigong advice, I feel a harsh warning needs to be made. Here is what he wrote about the "true mind" on Dec 11:


On 12/11/2013 at 8:34 AM, ChiDragon said:

The cultivation of Xing in Quanzhen is to transform a "false mind" into a "true mind" rather than face reality as one might thought. To a Taoist, a false mind is full of contaminants which is deceiving the mind from seeing things clearly. A true mind only see and isolate the facts among the chaotic fallacies. Any uncertainty or assumption will make the thought incomplete which puts the mind into a state of falsehood. Thus it has not met the canon of Quanzhen Tao.


ChiDragon did not limit his campaign of lies and false teaching to the above thread. His new month-old "DCXM" obsession immediately began spilling all over the forum (he had over 7,000 posts) and soon he was using an expert's voice to make blanket pronouncements about the entire study of Daoist internal alchemy (also known as "内丹/neidan"). Nine months after "discovering" the concept of xing-ming on Baidu's encyclopedia, on August 4, 2014, he wrote:


On 8/2/2014 at 6:08 AM, ChiDragon said:

As a basic concept for Neidan from our ancestors, they had come up with the best method there is, the Dual Cultivation of the Xing and Ming(DCXM). It is also known as the Dual Cultivation of the Mind and Body. The mind and body are the two major ingredients to be cultivated for one to be a better or true person. Thus the DCXM is the best method to cultivate a person into a most effective internal pill ever.



Are you surprised what Neidan(內丹) is all about now......??? ;)


To make another analogy for newcomers, telling people that he knows what is the "best method to cultivate the 'internal [elixir]'" less than a year after screaming that he did not know about xing and ming would be like a person on a Buddhism forum telling you he knows the best way to reach enlightenment just eight months after screaming "I HAVE NEVER HEARD ABOUT THE NOBLE EIGHTFOLD PATH IN ANY BUDDHIST SUTRA."


When you encounter a man like this, beware. He is on a downward spiral, and as they say, "misery loves company." He does not want to drown alone, and he is actively recruiting naive, gullible, credulous people to drag down with him. The saddest thing about such a descent is how much will and stubbornness is involved. The more you try to stop him, the more he slams his foot onto the gas pedal. Part of this illness seems to be a perverse notion that plowing ahead no matter how much other people disagree with you proves you are right. Catastrophe for such a person is not merely unavoidable; it has already arrived. 


I am content to finish this post with a final quote from ChiDragon which should suffice to make it extremely clear just how deluded and (to a practitioner who follows any of his advice) dangerous he is. On August 4, 2014 he declared himself to be a realized being. He wrote:


On 8/4/2014 at 9:56 AM, ChiDragon said:

Perhaps you might say that I do live in a black and white world to see things from a scientific perspective.


I have found Tao and there is no need to search for Tao.


Self-deception that has reached stratospheric levels is merely a pity. Stratospheric self-deception that attempts to blaze like a sun and redefine clearly established facts in order to aggrandize a malignant-tumor-like ego and create a following is something for which the word "crime" is probably not too light.


In conclusion:


A self-declared realized being now using the name "ReturnDragon" has returned to the forum promulgate a vision of Daoist philosophy and practice whose foundation is built upon fantasy, dishonesty, and a desperate need for attention and affirmation. 


I strongly urge:


Do not be a victim.


Do not be an enabler.


Do not let yourself be hurt.


Do not let yourself be an unwitting assistant in another man's harmful behavior. 


祝 道安

Edited by Walker
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1 hour ago, steve said:

The Dragon has returned!

Welcome back 

Hi Steve
Thank you for your welcome back. I saw your posts and was wondering when you will be noticed of my return. :)

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25 minutes ago, Walker said:

ReturnDragon aka "ChiDragon" was very active on this site until early 2014.


He disappeared in disgrace (I don't know if he was banned or simply had enough good sense to disappear) due to the following:


In November 2013 ChiDragon shoulded the following in all-caps: 


On 11/12/2013 at 11:08 AM, ChiDragon said:

Xing Ming(性命) means life. I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF XING GONG(性功) OR MING GONG(命功) in any Chinese Classics.


Mr Walker, 
Nice to see you today. Thank you for summing up my posts of the subject. As a matter of fact, I had gone through the forum twice to find the info with no luck. You had done a very good job. Thanks again!

Edited by ReturnDragon

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