May I ask another unrelated Chinese translation question?

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Not sure which section would be better, and I assume people here are versed in Chinese.


My quest started with the term "wu mao", used for referring to rabid, upset, overly sensitive Chinese nationalists, from what I understand. So I wanted to know how that is written, consulted Google Translate (also Bing), but appallingly it doesn't accept transliteration as Chinese input. But it did give me two Chinese letters on the source side, and when I put those in the input field, I still didn't get any translation but a suggestion to assume Vietnamese - all very frustrating. Well, what surprised me is that Youtube removes any comment that contains those characters. (It's generally a crappy move to void a whole comment because of some words one might not even understand. - Interestingly though if you put them in quotation marks, the censor filter won't apply.)


So basically I'd like to understand what those characters mean in order to judge the insanity level of Google. (Because quite harmless terms like "trained monkeys" are being censored, too.)

The characters are "五毛" ( "Wǔmáo" )


I'd also be thankful for some clarity, some detail, about the term "wu mao" and whether it is a different one than what Google Translate gave me.

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