Some of my musing about the relationship between breath and life force

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I don't think I believe that breathing alone keeps us alive.


So I don't feel it is the action of breathing that generates chi in the body.


Placing attention on the body generates sensation.. and sensation attracts attention.


I feel that awareness of sensation generates the chi in the body.


Breathing makes sure that there is a continuous awareness in the body on some level.


I feel that breathing balances the chi by spreading out the intensity in the body so it feels smooth and the chi gets everywhere it needs to be.


So intense feelings like pain and discomfort might be because the chi is only restricted to a certain area and cannot find it's way out to its proper place in the body.


Then that means, if I can stay aware of body sensations, then I don't need to breathe as much.


I'm spreading the chi smoothly already by having my light attention spread globally throughout the body.


It's not perfect yet.


When I meditate on sensation, my breathing slows down until I can't really tell the difference between breathing in and breathing out.


But what is left behind is the sensation of the breath.


What left behind is simply sensation where breathing used to be.

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Sounds like you are very good at meditating. That soothed awareness of physical, is a sign that you are releasing energetic resistance, meaning you are allowing your mind to quiet, meaning, you are holding your attention and awareness consistently held and placed on your object of focus. And so the deeper your mind relax, and the more fully you release resistant self contradictory energy, and the more fully you allow your true nature, of source energy, to flow more fully through you. Naturally, automatically, effortlessly.


And so you allow your natural well being to flow more fully through you, or the energy of who you truely are, to flow more fully through you. Cause you don't flow that energy in self contradiction anymore, so your natural well-being naturally is fully allowed to be fully realised again. As that is what feels like life force, vitality, well-being, joy. You can also call it those things. Life force. It's a good word to describe that energy of who you really are, as a non-physical pure positive energy of consciousness. It is an allowed natural energy motional alignment with this. Of physical and non-physical, co blending, merging, converging, synchronising, resonating, aligning, expanding, flowing, allowing. And allowing this to happen, as one meditates, simply feels very good. And it benefits oneself on all aspects of their life.


It's like you choke yourself, your face becomes blue. When you stop choking your self, your face returns back to its normal natural color. Healthy. So the benefits of releasing resistant energy, by meditating, is the same. You allow your true life force, of who you really are, as a greater non-physical consciousness, more fully allowed to flow through your physical being and benefit all aspects and on all levels of your life, as more fully realised and allowed to flow life force of pure positive energy, of who you really are, your true nature, to flow more fully through you.


So you allow that energy of who you truely are to flow more fully through you, and it benefits you on all levels of your life. Everything naturally comes back into greater more fuller allowed realisation and harmonic convergence. Everything becomes more fully realised. Automatically, by virtue of your true self, already being the fullness of all that you've become, holding that energy for you, unconditionally, this energy naturally takes care of everything else. It's the energy of who you really are. So everything falls back into alignment, as you allow yourself to fall back into alignment with who you really are. The energy trajectory of your soul, or your life trajectory of who you really are, the energy of your true self, fully realised self, that feels good emotionally.


It feels good, because you allow the full realisation, and if you allow the full realisation, you are capable of flowing the full realisation, and so you align with the full realisation, and so you harmonize and blend and converge with your full realisation, of physical and non-physical coming together and being fully realised in your here and now. And so, you feel good. As your emotions always accurately indicate the here and now relationship between you (physical) and You ( your greater non-physical consciousness).


Your greater non-physical consciousness, or your life force, or call it pure positive energy, or your soul, it's all good. We physical human being, can choose to resist, by focusing in self contradictory ways, and so we feel negative emotion when we do that. And the moment we let go of that self contradictory energetic thought patterns, during meditation, your natural well being and life force is naturally allowed to flow more fully through you, because that is normal, that is the way you are always ment to be, and that is the way you will always instantly be like and become like when you stop doing the thing that would cause the lessening of your connection with the energy of who you really are. That resistance is energetic resistance to your own true nature of your pure energy of who you truely are as the fullness of who you truely are that you can realise, effortlessly, by simply allowing it to be fully realised by you, by getting out of your own way, so to speak. Withdrawing your consciousness away from the physical, to restore your natural well being. To allow your true nature to flow more fully through you. In that sense.


Releasing resistance to your natural well-being, is indicated by energy motional, emotional feeling of relief or feeling better or feeling good. As you meditate, you can yawn, feel goose bums. Or as you say, the physical awareness is soothed. Some people even feel such a heaviness lift off that they cry tears of joy, in case of meditating for the first time, after having held strong energetic resistance for a long time. So you are less physically focused. It's basically coming into conscious realisation of your greater non-physical consciousness. The Source of you, as you are an extension of that energy of pure positive energy of the wholeness and fullness of all that you truely are. 


Sometimes it doesn't even happen during meditation. Often we don't notice the effect, untill later in the day. And often, there is also an experience if instant emmediate energy motional felt relief, of releasing resistant energy. Many experiences in meditation. But really, the most amazing effects I've heard of meditation, was when the person was focused on their breath, and they coulden't tell their toes appart from their feet. So you have this same soothed awareness of physical. I see that as a very good sign. Tho, all meditation has tremendous benefit. Even if you're focused on an airconditioner sound. Or maybe a vision, or maybe an internally voiced mantra. Can be anything. As long as you hold your attention on it consistently enough, meaning several seconds, without interuption or distraction, you will succesfully release energetic resistance if you do that, it happens automatically, effortlessly, naturally. Nothing you need to do to allow that to happen, except focus consistently on your object of focused awareness.


So again, very good meditation you did. Very focused. Very consistently held and allowed awareness on your object of focus. But I really think the object of focus is not that very important just find something that you feel comfortable with that doesn't mean anything. This is how mantras are designed. They don't mean anything. Just sounds of your own voice, so you are able to relax your awareness into it and relax your mind thus also through your focused awareness and attention on it.


So the next step would be, to receive and allow it to flow through you, meaning allowing yourself to feel good energy motionally, emotionally, so that the greater knowing of your greater non-physical consciousness can be more fully realised by you as pure thought, non-contradicted thought, thoughts which feel very good, inspired thoughts, fully realised thoughts that feel very good. And this is felt as inspiration. An inspired fully realised thought, that feels very good and exciting or a thought of appreciation. It's all about you. It's your own greater non-physical consciousness, so that is why it's all so relevant to you and why it feels so good, always. IT's a thought of who you really are, a thought of fully allowed realisation, fully allowed to flow as an energetic stream of thought, in the here and now moment, of full allowed alignment and convergence of you and You (greater non-physical consciousness / life force / soul). A thought that is capable of flowing your full nature through you more fully, a non resistant a non self contradictory thought. A pure thought. A fully realised thought. That is the energy of who you truely are fully realised by you. At first this energy motional alignment is felt as positive emotion, that then expands evermore into evermore greater allowed realisations, ongoingly. As you keep meditating to allow your true nature. Daily. And so you allow your true well being to flow more fully through you on all levels and aspects of your life. Allowing all aspects of your life to become also thus more fully realised by you, allowing it to naturally, good feelingly, to come into full harmony again, and full allowed realisation. So it's a fully realised thought. Of full realisation. Physical and non-physical, as a total whole being of full realised being, that feels very good energy motionally. A thought of a full you, physical and non-physical to gether. Hand in hand. A fully realised being of joy.


These kind of thoughts feel very good, because they are capable of flowing your full nature more fully through you, and they are compatible with your true nature, so that is why they feel good energy motionally. They align with your greater non-physical consciousness energy being of pure positive source energy. So it's a more fully allowed realisation of the greater part of all that you truely are being and becoming evermore, more fully allowed to flow here and now.  Let's say your soul, and this soul is always fully connected to Source Energy and Source Consciousness and the Source of All Creation. So it's basically the energy which creates worlds, flowing through you. And yeah, that can be described as life force. It is the ever abounding stream of well-being that is the dominant underlying source of all that exists in this physical universe. It's Source Energy, at the heart of all things, beings, and consciousnesses. And the more it is allowed to flow, freely, allowed, the more fully realised that thing is allowed to be and become. There is some resistant energy here and there, but those are really small in comparison to the dominance of well being in this universe. So resistant energy is considered like unnecessary temporary blockages due to the energy being in a knot with itself. And with meditation, you release and loosen the knot so to speak. You let go of the resistant energy and so you feel your true nature, and so now, the next time you activate the resistant energy through a thought, it will feel that much more uncomfortable and repulsive, in contrast to feeling very good naturally. So all those self contradictory negative self contradictory habbits are more fully capable of being more fully released by you, more consciously more realisedly more fully. Simply for the purpose of feeling good/better, as that is of your true nature evermore, naturally effortlessly.


And you can always flow with that well being and allow it to flow more fully into and through your life, unconditionally, meaning under any and all conditions. If you learn the art of allowing your natural well being to flow more fully through you as you just did through your meditation. By virtue of focusing for the purpose of allowing/releasing resistance, energetically. Naturally. Effortlessly, automatically. Simply meditating for the purpose of feeling good/better and the rest will come naturally. As even feeling good/better, it comes naturally. Everything comes back into full realisation for you, because you come back into full realisation of everything, because you flow your true nature more fully through you as you meditate as you did. And it's so easy to do this. And so beneficial. And so wonderful. In so many way and on so many aspects and levels of your life.

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