Reflections About The Real Teacher Being Formless

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People hold the illusion that their Master holds human form,
and that only their energy can lead them to the Truth.
While this mindset is helpful to some extent,
I think it can take one further away from Truth.


Because is it not the Truth,
That something owns your Teacher's energy,
Something far greater than they will ever be ?


When you ask yourself,
Who guided me to my Master ?
That question is closer to the Truth.


In fact,
it's a rhetorical question,
asked by Truth to Truth.


When we say, "I follow Master A"
or "I follow B",
aren't we limiting the full range of our experience ?


Who is Master A,
Who is Master B ?
They are simply God's servants,
placed as stepping stones in our way.


Everyone does the work that God gave them to do,
if they are a true Teacher.
So we should be thankful to Master A and Master B,
even if we moved from A to B.


Maybe it was Master A that planted the seed in you,
and Master B that made it grow.
The one who plants,
or the one who waters,
doesn't matter.


It is God who matters,
because he makes the plant grow,
he knows the perfect plan for your development.


God will reward Master A, Master B,
and everyone according to the work they have done.
Truthfully, we are all partners working together for God.


Who Guided me to my Master ?
That is the only question worth worshiping.


Such a question,
comes your beginner, innocent mind,
the part of you that is led by the Divine.


By asking such a question,
you become a student of the Divine,
on top of being a student of your Teacher.

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Isnt Truth about liberation? 

Worship has limitations. It usually begins from a limited perspective, and ends the same way. 

An unwavering contemplative disposition based on personal experience is infinitely more helpful in the quest for Truth. 

But liberation is an all-inclusive state, so we're all free to partake in any beliefs that fit our inner mappings of truth-seeking. 

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46 minutes ago, C T said:

Worship has limitations.


Agreed. By worshiping the question, I meant you worship/value your innocent mind and not any conception about Truth. You offer your innocent mind to Truth, not knowing what Truth is, to discover the real Truth.

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Guess im just a bit apprehensive about the term. 


No worries, thanks for clarifying, although im not entirely convinced of the need to label the mind as innocent or otherwise. 


Truth transcends all finality, since its nature is supposedly as infinite as potential itself. 

Therefore, it appears (to me) the accuracy of the term to describe one's metaphysical journey as "Truthing", 

which, to me again, seems more appropriate, than say "To seek the Truth". 

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I love this topic.  It doesn't seem that there is any defining of the real Truth.  The Dao that can be spoken of is not the Dao.


The concept of 'worshipping' something still smacks of duality, to me.  Maybe the best form of worship is to make sure we take care of our own bodies, our own awareness, our own life.  To revere it as the gift that it is.


Sebastian, did you write that beautiful prose?

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10 hours ago, manitou said:

Sebastian, did you write that beautiful prose?


These are my ramblings.... I can't take credit for them because they are inspired, from the energy that I'm feeling at a given moment, to my Masters, to my family, to the environment, to what books I am currently reading. In this case the Bible. I think the following quote from one of my Masters sums up what I'm trying to say.



A child grows up reading a certain author, and that child loves the author, and loves the subject matter, and then as an adult, this child writes a book. And all of a sudden, after close scrutiny, the child realizes that in writing the book that he or she wrote, he actually was influenced by all the authors in the past that have written books just like the one he chose to write. But before he made the decision to write that book, he had forgotten all about the authors that he read, and the subject matter that she chose to write about. But at that point, the individual realizes that everything they've been doing in the past has influenced everything they've become in their lives, when they view their lives today.


On Monday for example I wrote a business email, and after reading it, it read like one of my Masters had written it. It as wan odd experience to say the least. The energy was so similar, even though the content was business related and not spiritual related. Then it felt the Master was there looking at me, so perhaps he did give me a visit at that time. But it took me by surprise, and it made me feel the above quote is really true.


Maybe we can work with this book analogy too. The author is the Divine, and is helping us find our voice, our narrative by the experiences it is lining up for us in our lives. When you go forward and write your book, you don't know where it's leading, but when you look back, you notice that all the experiences/masters/authors you encountered helped you take the next step, and the next one, until you are where you are now in your life. What is it that strung all these experiences/masters together ? It's the author of every author in the world, the Divine. 

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