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13 hours ago, EmeraldHead said:

Is pre-natal shen your inner most nature? Or different, as it's supposed to lead to it? 


...inner most nature is basically being one with the tao, right


“The Chinese view human beings in terms of three inseparable, interpenetrating dimensions of existence, called the Three Treasures (san boa): these are jing (essence, body), chee (energy, breath), and shen (spirit, mind). These distinctly different but totally interdependent aspects of human life are equivalent to the Tibetan Buddhist concept of the three kaya: dharmakaya (dimension of mind), sambhogakaya (dimension of energy), and nirmanakaya (dimension of body).

Actually - this needs to be examined in terms of "post-natal" and "pre-natal."


So in Daoist alchemy - there is a reversal of fire and water with heaven and earth. I need to look this up more.

But Liu Ming has a good quote on this.

Someone posted it on this website.

I would say that "Yuan Qi" is Dharmakaya while Yuan Shen is Sambhogakaya.


I'll find that quote

Liu Ming's xiuzhen houbian
tl Fabrizio Pregadio in Cultivating the Dao:

They are different from the precelestial qi of True Unity, which is indestructible for ten thousand kalpas, transcends all things, and is "the only Honored One." Neither life nor death adhere to it, neither Being nor Non-Being are established in it. This qi is the root of the postcelestial jing, qi, and shen, and the ruler of the precelestial jing, qi, and shen.

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