Continuous samadhi interrupted by thoughts

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3 hours ago, neti neti said:

This means one must BE "samadhi." Being oneself is effortless, even if one seems to forget and then remember. If one insists on looking upon "samadhi" from afar, instead of fearlessly being it, one will miss oneself and continue appearing to "slip in and out" of that "continuous samadhi".


Beautifully articulated! :)

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On 9/18/2018 at 3:40 PM, KuroShiro said:


I was told there are 3 layers of Samadhi. I think meaning a progression? Would you agree with is and also could there be many types within these 3 layers?


They could be framed as 3 layers - 


The more general level includes quite a variety of states in which stillness might be the most pervading aspect - bliss - gratitude - devotion to name a few.


It is necessary to explain Stillness - it has nothing to do with a dead space or a vacuum. It is not not-being. It is simply non-inertia: grasping is ceased and the currents of position and willfulness has fallen away - subsided. It is far more vital and alive both in the lack of fear and restriction and forcible throttling.


The assumptions about Bliss and Devotion and Gratitude would be to much for just this thread but they are of a different nature than otherwise when Awake and in this reference. As a further indication - being IN Grace - in its embrace Being aware as “it” is touching every aspect of “your life” - often a floating very grounded embodiment of light and lightness - often accompanied by constant sycronicity and high intuition and mundane intuition and clarity

as well as oneness.


In another state or layer the Stillness is  pervading and the primary aspect is Pure Presence.

Mind has subsided.

One can be enmeshed in the Light - thick in the light - utter grounding and embodiment - may be accompanied by vast energy - unimaginable energy far beyond even the most massive kundalini awakenings. No thought - Presence - breath of all and everything - glinting beautiful shimmering sounds.


In another state - non-object Awareness. The deep mantra of the logos - the gong of all and everything. Supreme clarity - utter silence in a pervading immensity. No time - No space - All Creativity

In no inertia.


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