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What is the Deep State?

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1 hour ago, Trunk said:


I am asking.  Now, again.

A primer.  The basics.  For someone who has never read on the topic.

If you start it, I'm betting others will pitch in and it is a worthy topic of itself.

Its partly a distraction, is my issue.  The deep state is indeed a very big problem for the citizens of the world.  People dont even realize that their mere existence IS a constitutional crisis in and of itself, but it is underpinned by other constitutional crises.


This secret federal police force that has no enumerated constitutional authority was made by the "rich man" and by "the rich man" I mean entities like the central banking institutions and the entities that constitute the trustees of the receiverships of the bankruptcies of the united states.


So really, this subject is best tackled in the constitution thread, because it was the usurpation of the original document (named The Constitution For These United States of America) and the replacement with a corporate charter that very closely resembled it (The Constitution of The United States...and please do not say they are the same, are they the exact same words, no, this is relevant from a legal standpoint) which gave these "rights" and "authorities" that the federal government has merely ASSUMED.  This is why the Acts of 1871 are so important - and so destructive - to the USA.


The law itself was stolen after the "civil war."  This set the stage for the creation of currency to be unconstitutionally taken from congress and the treasury in 1913.  That set the stage for the bankrupcy and gold confiscation of 1933....and this also set the stage for the grazing battle in the Malheur - because the lands and the minerals within, have been pledged as collateral to the receiverships as part of the USA's bankruptcies.  This is how and why such a big deal was made of it, and the "why"of why it is that the federal government "owns" shit tons of land despite it supposedly being bound to the 10 square miles inside of washington DC.


Title and deed have been promised.


Now, the creation of secret federal police forces - like the federal reserve police - they are there to protect an asset.  Ultimately what the secret police protect, is the printing presses, for that is the greatest power they (the financiers) have - to control the purse strings, to choke or to enliven at whim, as needed.


Intelligence used to traditionally be a military thing - until hmm....who gave fedgov the idea that they could not rely on military intelligence, and they needed their own intelligence?


One Maj Gen Smedley Butler.  "War is a racket" is a MUST read.


“A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people. Only a small "inside" group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes. ”
Smedley D. Butler, War Is A Racket!: And Other Essential Reading


Smedley Butler helped prevent a coup in this country, and after that, the fedgov decided that it could no longer rely upon the military to serve its intelligence needs.  For if "the fedgov decided to take over the fedgov"...and the military put a stop to it!!...well, some of this terminology wind up getting ambiguous because there is some overlap here and there.  So factions inside the fedgov, as it were - but its always, always, ALWAYS follow the money to get to your true story here...and from what I said above, where the financiers wrested control of the country from itself - what we in effect have here, is the international financiers themselves deciding that they needed a federal police force with overarching powers, in order to protect their investment - which had been promised to them - in a few bankruptcies.

(Now Smedley was not aware of the lesser known history of the civil war and what happened to the constitution, otherwise I think there might have been a little more done about that...but he saw the threat and thwarted it, as any good true patriot would do in such a situation, instead of sell out your countrymen, like so many others have done throughout history.  Traitors, all.)


Add in some inserts at the DOJ, at the judicial levels...


My my, now we have judge jury and executioner...beholden to the international financiers that own our bankruptcies.


This, in essence - is what the deep state is.  Varied, like the different sections of the military - but unlike the military - there's no provision for them, except that which has been invented out of thin air by the federal government.  Time does not confirm a void act.


They'll be pushing for the entities that make up the intelligence community to stay alive, of course - but they are not needed.  They're not lawful.  They are simply an overreach of the fedgov, assuming rights and privileges never delegated to them.

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I get annoyed by churchyness but about anything worldly, he is correct

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Terms Covered In Book

The Bankruptcy Connection

Rights vs. Privileges
Legal Word Crafting
The Buck Act • Color of Law
2nd Amendment • B.A.T.F
Do You Live in This State?
Attorneys vs. Lawyers
Trading with the Enemy
British Accreditation Regency
Compelled Benefit Contracts
Jurisdiction • Juristic Person
Uniform Commercial Code
Your Straw Man • Artificial Person
Trial by Jury vs. Jury Trial
Redemption in law • UCC
Subject Matter Jurisdiction
Protecting Your Signature
Defendant or The Accused
Phony Wars • Silver Bullets
Gun Control Act of 1968
Guns vs. Firearms • NWO
The Game of Your Name
Missing 13th Amendment
Vices are Not Crimes • ATF
Enabling Causes • Licenses
Standing • Public law 7310
Adhesion Contracts • BATF
National Firearms Act
Admiralty law • Martial Law
Ponzie’s Legacy • Common Law
Second 13th Amendment
Redemption • Private Law
Law Enforcement vs. Keeping the Peace
Reece Committee • BAR
Full Disclosure Questionnaire
Fictitious Plaintiff
Birth Registration
Were You Delivered ?
Nonexistent Gun laws
Nazi Weapons law
14th Amendment
Contract Law • Mixed War
Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms



“It’s not the Law is the most thought provoking book on today’s legal
system you’ll find anywhere. It is the missing link. Amazing stuff indeed
and it is vital information. Read this and you will have to rethink
everything you thought you knew about the law”



If it were free I'd share his book, but seeing as how the fedgov destroyed Wayne's livelihood...I've shared with a person or two (not here of course, people I know personally,) who after finishing the book, went and bought a copy.

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3 minutes ago, zerostao said:

Should we consider the deep state & the shadow govt as the same set of players for the scope and purpose of this thread?


We can, or we can't...the answer is kind of nebulous, a lot like them.

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1 hour ago, zerostao said:

Should we consider the deep state & the shadow govt as the same set of players for the scope and purpose of this thread?



I would say deep state is national/local and shadow government is international/global, but there's areas where they completely intersect.  Something like this:



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is satire allowed until people read, lol

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