Being Fluid

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Part of me is difficult – it is angry, envious, sad, full of regret, greedy, arrogant, whining in self-pity, guilt, resentment, feeling inferior, telling lies, full of false pride, superiority, and ego.Thinking it deserves all things it desires. It is rude and cruel. 


Part of me is easier – it is joyful, peaceful, loving, hopeful, serene, humble, kind, benevolent, empathic, generous, truthful, compassionate, and faithful. Thinking that kindess and helping our fellow man and caring about nature will make all things better...


The part of yourself you feed energy to grows larger and more powerful... consuming all available focus and creating the physical, mental and emotional reflection of itself at your request and command. 


Being fluid allows me not to define myself with these passing human traits. Both paths consume, both are fleeting. Acknowledge them, silence the mind, return to neutral.


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