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  1. How/why does qigong work?

    The last two pages of this thread... can I get an autograph too???
  2. .

    A lot of pretentiousness. I’d be more worried about going towards that than any “darkness”.
  3. What happens to suicides?

    He already has
  4. Why do YOU think the world is so messed up?

    Everything is fine. All you need to believe in is your ever unfolding everything you are all now just fill in the space with everything like I fill in these lines with more and more ness words to confuse your logical ability- which in itself has been caused by lack of bliss consciousnezzzz or something—err I mean... everything. everything is all blah blah blah I’m all spiritual babbles just sit and be with your true divine everything. Don’t read these words with your logic mind use your heart chakra to connect to everything. Find the light your free never slave everything is interconnected new age obviousness.. and moreness. Always moreness. More words. I love words to connect the bridge from the palate to the frontal lobes. Juice flowing—free. It’s everywherr.. and everything.
  5. Surf's Up !

    All I know is whenever I’ve attempted to not express my true feelings(anger, etc) to make a situation more “comfortable “ it hurts me. Whenever I let it out I feel much better. So I agree with most of what you say. Except for bio energetics being mindless. The exercises done properly can be quite useful and powerful.
  6. The Harsh Reality of Awakening

    Right . That’s why I specified social media type interactions in my post. I would not like being presumptuous either but judging from what I see in My small social circle in general people do spend some time on interactions such as you described but the majority is pretty blatantly mindless facebooking, Twitter/Instagram surfing.
  7. The Harsh Reality of Awakening

    Some in this thread claim people who walk around looking at their phones etc are looking for “connection”. The type of social media connection and the Like is about a vapid a goal as I can imagine. And I’m not being a hypocrite because I’ve caught myself way more than I’d like to admit engaging in that behavior. It is extremely draining and unnatural in my opinion. Just from my own experience when I fast from my phone I feel way different, in a good way.
  8. How would you infiltrate a cult?

    Walk into church? Lol sorry. Was too easy.
  9. Wow. Quite the novel.
  10. Similarities among religions

    “Happy lies” are comfortable and numbing I suppose if that’s all they lead to. But some “happy lies” like organized religion have done much much more damage to the human species as a whole than just giving them an opioid for their situations.
  11. Op makes some good points but presents it in the same vague manner as the “spiritual monkeys” he rails against. What I mean is, your thoughts are just as confusing and layered as theirs. “Spirituality is the right place to look for answers, but not in the ordinary way”.. and “it’s hard to remember the truth(of humanity)” ... and there’s no explanation of what he means. I’d love if the op could expand or clarify on these quotes, just off the top of my head. I’m genuinely curious because I happen to agree with your general idea(I think) but theres not a lot of clarity in some of your writing. (at least to me)
  12. kundalini crisis, maybe

    I have cfs/me and I agree with what Blue eyed snake says..many of these symptoms can overlap with so called "kundalini syndrome".Ive experienced most the things you described. I also think there is a lot of "stuff"stored in the body as trauma etc that has weird ways of showing itself and can definitely contribute..but there are powerful ways of releasing these which have helped me immensely.Personally Id forget the concept that kundalini even exists, in the end its just a word to describe sensations.. but you can trick yourself into making it way more than it probably is-and therefore end up attributing things to this idea that in reality dont have much correlation.