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Hello all,


Some of you may have seen some of the energy descriptions in many different forms, in other cultures, and as described by people who are under the influence.


I am a fan of the energy sphere, with the fibers of energy inside matching up with fibers outside, the ball or spot, glow of awareness factor. Probably most akin to the Carlos Castaneda descriptions. I could go into very minute detail on that if anyone is not familiar with it.


I see in Irish folklore and most of Christianity, there is the halo glow that becomes visible to even those who don't "see" energy plainly.


I see Kirlian photography has captured an essence around things that extends beyond the physical form and actually remains intact even if you sever a portion of the physical, for quite some time, fading if you will.


I see that in the energy sphere version, there are tentacles of energy emanating from the belly, like an apron, from the hands, and from the eyes. There are roots emanating from the feet.


In this energy sphere version, it is like an onion, with layers, and that fibers of energy match from the inside of this sphere to the outside and connect. This connecting giving awareness of that energy, and supplying the perception and interaction with this world.


Beyond these basic connections, and by increasing power, people become capable of connecting to more fibers, and thus connecting with more items that previously did not exist, and were not available in this time and space. Complete bundles of these fibers create complete and different worlds, with different laws (physics and string theory if you will).


Energy centers, chakras, from my understanding, are simply movement of the point of awareness to "grab" and "bundle" another possible "group" of related energy fibers that exist externally, and internally, thus equalizing the pressure between the two and giving a mode for perception of.


Please add your own energy body versions, how they compare, match or don't match... 


Thank you


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3 hours ago, Apech said:

Do you want this in General Discussion where it probably belongs?

As I get used to where things belong I promise to get better :-)

Certainly feel free to move wherever it is best.

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