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Increasing energy

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I've been thinking about this a little lately and had kind of an experiential insight into the second 'category' of increasing energy that I have had.



I see two ways to increase energy (with whatever kind of connotation you want to give that word). Within each 'way' there are different levels or mico-ways, of which I will briefly discuss 4.



The first is "energy cultivation" which means bringing new energy into the body.


On a spiritual level this can be by intentionally bring 'prana', 'ki', 'chi' or whatever you want to call it, into the body.... generally through meditative practices.


On a mental level this can be done by having goals to work towards, passions, etc.


On an emotional level this can be by having good feelings, by being happy, joyeous, etc.


On a physical level this can be by proper nutrition and rest and by exercise (particularly high intensity interval type training).




The second 'way' I think of as releasing stuck energy.


On a spiritual level this can be by relaxing into stillness, by gaining non-thought, etc.


On a mental level this can be done by unwinding belief systems (and when I say this I don't mean just negative belief systems.... I mean ALL belief systems, literally working to a point where there are no fixed beliefs whatsoever). These belief systems can be thought of as "memes", kind of like mental viruses that cause our altered perceptions of the universe.


On an emotional level this can be done by 'surrendering' or 'forgiving' all our past hurt or by 'healing' all our past emotional traumas.


On a physical level this can be done by detoxifying our bodies and removing old garbage and junk contained within and also by recovering our full ranges of physical mobility.







I would suggest that both 'ways' of increasing energy are worth utilising in some way, and that when starting out, recovering stuck energy is probably even more important and I also think often overlooked.



Just a few ideas. Perhaps even a "yin/yang" kind of undercurrent there, I dunno.

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Hey Neimad


great to have you back!!!


I personally like the sound of the second 'way'.


the first focuses far too much on the 'good'... focusing on good goals, bringing in good qi, having good emotions. This has the effect of creating illusion, separation and drives the 'bad' down into unconsciousness (where it has far greater effect). There simply is never good without bad. if you focus on your good emotions, all the bad ones still happen, you just ignore them and drive them deeper into your body. If you focus on a goal you ignore the rest of the universe that's already there and happening (and has anyone ever been really deeply fullfilled by achieving some goal?)


This is the model life for a western seeker... but imho it's not a spiritual life.


A spiritual life is about expanding the bandwidth of experience - and that's experience without a prefference. The energy that you gain from this sort of life nourishes your soul. The path is removing prefference and slowly beginning to see more and more of what is...

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energy listens to the one that gives it a sense


there are many types


and there are many forms of expression


isnt it odd that buddhism, the source of the idea of no-mind and emptiness, has one of the most sophisticaded forms of training of the mind


isnt it odd that they still consider human form one of the best occasions to cultivate dharma, and they work quite intense in keeping it in tip-top shape


both forms of training the body-mind, are ways that give energy a sense


because it exists everywhere, we thirst in a sea of fresh water

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Hey Freeform,


I can see where you are coming from... but I kind of think they are mutually beneficial.


For example in the morning I do a mobility/light yoga kind of session.... designed at removing yesterdays tensions and freeing up my body.

It leaves me incredibly energised from all that freed up energy.


Then 2 days out of every 4 (following a fibonacci type sequence to training) in the afternoons I do high intensity type training. This leaves me initially pretty tired (but usually invigorated too) but is increasing my energy in the long term.



Emotionally, I have done work at removing my past traumas, and that definately helps me feel happier now. But I also engage myself in feeling good right now, letting what is happening right now help me to feel good.


I'll continue this in the next post, windows is about to automatically restart my computer!

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Hey there Freeform-


I appreciate the path you discribe above... I have written on these threads of the importance I see in not denying any part of our natures -but developing our beings as a whole and accepting that our bodies are not our enemies but our vihicles...


Transcendence is always a tricky biz but if we negate our basis in life we will probably have to boomerang back to deal with those levels anyway - everything has a reason and a nature that does not deserve to be rated against any other...


I guess that what is is and we can, as spirits living in a material world, live as multi-leveled beings with little valuation needed for any given option...

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