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Lately my brain is seeing bad omens, potential catastrophies and unlucky signs everywhere.


Flies in the libations in spite of the cover, rats moving in under a flowerbed right outside our house, unlucky number combos showing up out of nowhere, my amulet necklace breaking in perfect syncronicity when i realized a very frightening possibility, certain symbols or turns of words jumping out in a context that could signify a hidden agenda or danger, hell i even think people are speaking in veiled messages but that is borderline paranoia and nothing to feed.


I'm not a very superstitious person even though i'm susceptible to symbols and their context.

I've always figured stuff like that runs the risk of turning into an obsession rather than help, if someone out there is looking out for me great, it's just as likely that my brain is playing the old "create context and connection out of nothing" trick.

It's not all doom and gloom though, i've had people and info pop up out of nowhere to help me avoid a few things thst could have been unpleasant.

But all of these bad omens i see never turn out to actually mean very much if anything.


What i'm interested in is to hear your experience with omens, "omens", signs and "signs". Humorism and seriousness is welcome wether separate or blended together.


What are the signs you see? What are they telling you?

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Signs are a product of the mind only. It's very essential to ignore them if you want to maintain a sane and healthy life.

In our reality, there are constantly numerous potential signs everywhere, yet we only see a small portion of reality from our perspectives. In the case of being aware of omens, the mind is creating a story that's interesting out of meaningless coincidences...if you start to play into it, it happens more.

Just realize that it's one way the mind tends to function...that what you focus on, you become more aware of in the world.

It's good to focus instead on goals that you have, and work toward them. This way you're using your mind in an active way, and not a passive to lead yourself through life than to be led anywhere the wind blows.

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I drove by a digital read out board most every day...not anything I pay attention is for an auto body repair center.

( I went to school with the younger brother who owns the center-)


but I laughed when it said......Unknown Ha



sometimes its fun just thinking it out

because someone with access to the digital board has a message for someone


this shit goes on too much-


I saw a bird yesterday...damn if I can't think of what kind it was.


I turned the corner to go to the side of the house I am working on...and it just froze!  most every bird I encounter

quickly flies off unless it is injured...this one was looking at me eye to eye---

and several minutes went by....I did not move...and it did not move.


sometimes a moment of when the wind blows renews me very deeply

maybe it brings me back to this moment

relishing the beauty.


hey and that made me think of a video someone posted

it was recorded video against a building with a person in the corner harnessing maybe not the correct word

moving their hands around like martial arts tai chi...whatever

yesterday I had to blow the leaves off a gazebo floor and it made me think of the video

I think that it was a leaf blower.



don't think it is an omen

but I think it was pretty unusual

eventually I moved and it flew away...

beside it was fresh bird poop

so .........

but how odd that it just froze and stared with me...

I was within two feet of it. maybe three.

I want to say it was a shrike but not even sure if that exists around here. I will have to look it up



I sometimes like to go where the wind blows. sometimes it is ok to just fully let go.

where the wind blows is like letting go of the banks on the river

where the wind blows is to spots of peace where the wind blows the pines and the sound is lulling

and the warm breeze smells so good--thank you idylwild ca.

aimless wandering in the grand scheme of things may not be so productive-

but I have lots of freedom to just let my day unfold-

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Agreed, Aetherous, they're born of mind and only have the significance and authority they are given.


GMSage points out an important point also:

Active mental direction is good, but i feel the need to say it should not be at the cost of passive awareness. They are useful in balanced roles. True feeling, true listening, true understanding. Real understanding, real feeling, real listening.


For me personally these signs jump out as hastily interpreted stimuli while in a receptive state, i.e. between thoughts.


Being between thoughts isn't really a quiescent state since i often reach the latter by allowing the amplitudes to go through a sort of compressor, as in a compressor of sound. The effective variation of amplitude between low and high quiets down and that persistent puzzlepiece called distinguishing mind lessens it's own delusion of having an answer for everything.


"Between thoughts" is more like autopilot, usually happens when i already need rest, approaching an instant of microsleep and whatever one of my senses picks up on is what yanks me out into the world again. Sounds make me laugh, images stir my deeply ingrained catalog of symbolism.


The process happens within microseconds. I think the bad omens are frequent because i have a pattern of formulating crises as a focus boost, nothing wakes you up like imminent danger :)


Like GJ from Top of the Lake says: "the body has infinite wisdom."

If it wants to wake up it'll find a way. If one is careless or allows that particular strategy to become an automated response, then one can look forward to a lot of trouble to disengage that mechanism, the gross misuse of ones resources and the delusional perspective on reality that it entails.



I might have laughed myself off the road seeing a signboard broadcasting that!


Interesting stand-off with the bird, i've had similar with birds, roedeers and one time even a fox. No poop was left but the situations have lasted everything from 30 seconds up to a few minutes.

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as I have gotten older in age--I seem to have a more fear. I think I felt invincible younger. more risk taking....

now I am more fearful maybe practical not unnecessarily wanting to put myself in harms way.

working to stay on the subject matter of omens.

but considering that I don't really understand that word per say.

I will be working very high today. I am on a patio extension from a second story office.

there is not railing yet. I have to stain the bottom as well---I can place many extensions ladders at different location-

the grass is a slope which adds to the complexity and difficulty.

scaffolding would have been ideal. two sections in two locations two layers high....

not an option because of logistics.

I have a 46 year old mind now. I don't recall feeling fearful of much ladder work when I was more fit and young.

Although I used caution in my workplace-I took many risks.

omens......where did that go?

staying alert and not on autopilot is necessary

I am sorry I probably veered from the topic.


was it ben franklin flying a kite and discovered electricity?

damn where was I during school?


I do not recall my reaction to the unknown ha----but I can imagine that I chuckled then went down my convoluted trail of thoughts

maybe I cried at two stop lights down---

then gone back to think about R.K.(the boy I was in school with-older bro owns auto shop-collision center)


I have a walk board today-I can run between rungs of a ladder--

I don't know If that is something I will get comfortable with today or not.

not a good time to have injury.

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Please veer as you see fit Sagebrush.


It's never a good time for injuries.

I'm a bit behind you on the years but the cautiousness has increased with experience. I fell 10ft from one roof to another once and only broke my leg, thats been enough to keep me respectful towards ladders and height.

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I am trying to think back to when I first recognized what is being considered as an omen here.


really the one that is a big one for me is the owl and the stop sign in real life time from the past years ago. even before my son was born....

and I have decided that I am not going to talk about it.


I can think about it and have done so for some time in my life.


it was the correct choice and I do not regret the choice.


I think I recall driving away to a different party and I was joyful.....


I know I went to the party. not sure if it was joy.


I was happy though. :-)

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